Spring Lawn Care – A Schedule That Works


Spring Lawn Care

The winter months can take their toll on a lawn, so you need to make sure that your lawn gets some special attention as spring arrives. It’s important to make sure that your lawn is cared for and receives the nutrients that it needs so that it looks good and remains in excellent condition throughout the summer months ahead.

The lawn care schedule that you need to use each spring may take some time to complete, but if you want a beautiful yard for the summer, taking a little time is worthwhile. Several factors play an important role in any spring lawn care schedule.

The Difference Between Cool Season And Warm Season Grasses

Depending on where you live in the country, you are likely to have either cool season or warm season grasses on your lawn. Cool-season grasses are more common in northern states, whereas warm season grasses are favored in the south of the country. You will find that many aspects of a spring lawn care schedule tend to start a little earlier for warm-season grasses as they begin to grow earlier.

Get Your Mower Ready To Mow

One of the first things you need to do once the grass starts to grow is mow your lawn. This means that your mower needs to be in good condition and working well. In addition, you should spend some time sharpening the blades of your mower and replacing the oil if necessary. As a guide to when this work should be done, you can expect to start mowing warm-season grasses at the start of March and cool-season grasses later in the same month.

Make Sure Winter Debris Is Disposed Of

If there is any debris on your lawn that has gathered over the winter months, you need to make sure that it is cleared away. If you do not do this, the areas of the lawn that are covered by debris can die away, leaving you with a patchy and unsightly lawn.

Aerate the Lawn

As the professionals at Wikilawn say, aeration is important,

“…because it improves your soil condition and increases resistance against insects, droughts, and diseases. All of these are problems grass may face!”

You can buy or hire an aerator or use a pitchfork to carry out this task, which should be completed during March or early April. In northern areas of the country, it helps to aerate a lawn earlier as the ground is harder and more difficult for nutrients and water to permeate.

Mow The Grass Once It Reaches Three Inches In Height

You should have already prepared your mower for use, so you should be ready to mow as soon as the grass in your lawn reaches a height of three inches. Do not mow the grass too short; make sure that it remains at about two inches in height.

Carrying out this care in spring helps your lawn to grow healthily. Remember that you need to continue caring for your lawn throughout the summer and autumn months, to keep it healthy and look good.

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