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Nowadays, business leaders all over the world try to find new and innovative ways of improving employee productivity and performance. While they focus on everything from financial rewards to other perks to boost the morale of their team, there’s one aspect of productivity that is most often forgotten: the overall look of the office.

Studies have proven time and again that office layout does have an impact on productivity. According to research, 97% of staff members believe the condition of their office reflects how much their employer values them. If employees are spending their time working in a dull and boring environment, chances are they will dread coming to work, and this will be reflected in their output.

A few changes here and there can do wonders in adding some character to your workplace and making it look more clutter-free and organized. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money. The following seven easy upgrades will help revamp your office into a place your employees would love to work without the need for any major renovation:

  1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Clutter

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Clutter

The first step to freshening up the look of any space is to de-clutter. Every workplace builds up piles of waste over time, and there’s nothing that ruins the look of an office, like unnecessary piles of paper, old broken furniture, and old machinery. Identify the items that are no longer needed and get rid of them. If you have a lot of waste, you can consider hiring a professional to do the job. Rubbish removal by No.1 Junk Street is a good option as they have a team of experts who can help you get rid of all your junk, no matter how small or big your office space is.

  1. Invest In Comfortable Chairs

Erogamic Office Chair

When most employees spend eight hours a day sitting in a chair to work, it is essential that the chair is a comfortable one. So many of us complain of back pain and being overly exhausted at work, and one primary reason behind this condition is our sitting position.

A good office chair ensures comfort and improves productivity as people can sit longer with ease without the need for frequent breaks.

Consider exploring both new and used office furniture available in the market. This way, you can find high-quality chairs that provide comfort and ergonomic support at a cost-effective price, allowing you to prioritize employee well-being while staying within budget.

  1. Add A Personal Touch

Customize Office Desk

An office is a place to work, but this doesn’t mean it has to be lifeless and dull. It’s essential to have some fun elements to keep things interesting. Some antique furniture, such as a table or shelf, can help freshen up the look of the place.

You can also have a corner with the company’s slogans or its goals and some exciting pictures of staff members for a warm, personal feel. Staff members should be encouraged to decorate their own spaces with personal items such as art and photographs to help them feel at home.

  1. Improve Your Storage Space

Improve Your Storage

One way to ensure your office stays clutter-free is to have sufficient storage space. If there’s always too much stuff on everyone’s desks, it’s a sign that you need to invest in some drawers and shelves. Wall shelving is a great option, particularly if you have a small office, as it doesn’t take up floor space while providing you ample room for your office supplies.

To make the best use of your available space, engage a professional to make customized shelving that suits your needs. You may also use standardized binders or files throughout the office in one or two neutral colors to give your documents a neat, professional look.

  1. Invest In Better Lighting

Office Lighting

When it comes to lighting, natural light is best. According to research, there is a secure connection between the amount of natural light an office gets and employees’ well-being. More than a third of staff members feel like their office doesn’t get enough natural light, and 47% claim that they feel exhausted due to a lack of it. This is because when we are spending all day looking at computer screens or our phones, our eyes need a break from it all, and this is where nature plays its part.

Make sure any windows in the office are not blocked by furniture and every corner of the office is well-lit. Invest in some stylish light fixtures and lamps to brighten up the office.

  1. Accessorize With Some Pretty Plants

Some Pretty Plants in Office

If your office lacks color, bringing in a few plants can help transform your space. Not only do plants breathe life into any open space, but they are proven to have numerous health benefits, including reduced stress levels, cleaner air, and even improved productivity! You can invest in low-maintenance plants such as succulents, which are almost impossible to kill. Don’t forget to be creative with the pots you choose – the more colorful, the better.

  1. Bring In More Color

Office Interior Color

Color is a powerful medium, as different colors have a disparate impact on people. If your office is too black, white, or gray, adding more color can help reduce stress levels and boost employee morale and creativity. Possibly it’s time for the new paint job, but this time in a more vibrant color such as green or violet. You can also invest in some paintings for the walls or a new carpet for a fresher look. Choose colorful office supplies such as stationery and desk organizers to make people feel excited about work.

The environment has a significant impact on our mood and productivity. If the office is a pleasant and inviting space, it will only make the work experience more satisfying for your employees. With a few simple upgrades, you can spark life into your office without any hassle. So, give your office a makeover today and see the positive changes it brings.

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