Sprucing Up Unused Basement Space With Renovations Is Popular Now!


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Any basement renovations can add value and great living space to any home or condominium. The increase in value and the increase in extra space do depend on certain conditions, however, and the overall budget. Renovating a basement has become extremely popular now, and the possibilities are practically endless in the type of renovations done and the styles and usages. Everything from creating a “man cave” to erecting a full-blown home theatre is possible. Some individuals seek only minor renovations, while others go all out and enhance their basements to the point of being spectacular additions to a home. When taken to the extreme, family members can choose to spend a good portion of their day in the peace and seclusion a nicely finished basement can provide. Basements are underground and, therefore, less prone to noise and public traffic. They can be secluded and private, offering the homeowners a beautiful little space in which to relax after a long day. Soundproofing is done routinely when finishing a basement. Some homeowners even make a basement such a lovely living space with an extra bathroom and then end up renting it out for additional income!

Some homeowners want a small improvement in their basements and, with a few renovations, turn it into a workshop or other type of utilitarian space. Many homeowners find that removing the clutter and utilizing the basement for better purposes other than storage is a rewarding experience. From simple renovations to all-out extensions of living quarters, the fact remains that with the practically limitless options available now, basements can become one of the most used rooms in a home. Design concepts abound, and a homeowner must decide what type of use the basement will serve and, of course, how much space exists for renovations. A consultation with a good basement refinishing system is the best bet before starting any project such as this.

 A company specializing in this type of work will quote prices and timelines and give an idea of what types of refinishing can and should be attempted. Renovations and refinishing are interchangeable ideas. However, refinishing is generally a smaller-scale project, whereas renovations may include adding plumbing and other craftsmanship-type additions to a home. Restorations are also sometimes only done, and these are just spruce-ups of existing features and nowhere close to refinishing or remodeling. However, remodeling entails replacing quite a bit of the existing features and can be much more costly than refinishing and simple restorations.

There are no hard and fast rules that apply to basement renovations. Of course, a design plan is needed, and decluttering must take place before any workmanship can begin. Basements are underground, and many serve as a foundation for a home, so professionals in all facets of basement work should be consulted before proceeding. A poorly done project quickly turns into a nightmare if the work needed is not assessed first and a professional inspection of the basement takes place. If a homeowner is handy and can do it safely, that can save a lot of money. However, this should not be done unless a homeowner is very knowledgeable about the types of work needed and has the skills to accomplish this task themselves.

Full can follow trends, and the most popular trends in 2020 seem to be remodeled into a “man cave,” a home theatre, a bowling alley, a sports room or bar, an open concept family room, a downstairs master suite bedroom, and living space, and a second living space to be used as a rental for income. Basement renovations, like all else in life, do follow what consumers are generally in search of. It’s no longer fashionable to use the added space a basement offers for storing items that will, in all probability, not ever be used again. Basements now are so much more than that type of space.

All in all, homeowners seek to do some work to their basements, whether it’s a full renovation, simple restoration, or the middle-of-the-road decision, refinishing. It does depend on homeowners’ wants, needs, desires, budget, and overall pleasure in the finished project. But it needs some due diligence to make a basement into a more pleasant and personable type of space. Consultations with professionals are always recommended for an increased amount of success in any basement project. If homeowners proceed diligently, they can and will have the basement of their dreams!

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