Stainless Steel Fabrication: Ultimate Choice For Your Industrial And Decorative Needs


Stainless Steel Fabrication

Steel is substantial metal, capable of supporting buildings and bridges across the world, even when hurricanes, earthquakes, and other acts of nature hit.

But, stainless steel takes this a step further. As well as the same strength as steel, it contains at least 10.5% chromium and no more than 1.2% carbon. It makes it corrosion resistant. Steel may rust, but stainless steel won’t.

Steel is chosen by many industries, whether you want to create entire buildings or a grand staircase. All you need is one of the best steel suppliers in Sydney and the right tools to develop your project.

Stainless Steel At Home

But, while using steel and stainless steel has become the norm in many industries, homeowners have been a little slower to catch on and start using this versatile and attractive metal.

For example, marinas across the world have used stainless steel for many years as it doesn’t destroy but provide secure fastenings for boats to moor up.

However, the idea of using stainless steel handrails and steps in home pools has only been a relatively recent development.

The points that stainless steel can be used when building your home, creating external stairs, balustrades, or even just as interior décor.

It is not a material you can generally alter at home; you’ll need to purchase a pre-designed piece or have something made, especially for you. But, this makes each piece more personal and more endearing, as well as enduring.

Of course, it costs a little more than many alternative decorating materials. But, it will also last substantially longer than alternative materials.

The Grade

It is worth noting that there are different grades of stainless steel.

304-grade stainless steel has 18% chromium and 8% nickel. In contrast, the 316 stainless steel has 16% chromium, 10% nickel, and 2% molybdenum.

In a domestic application, there is no real difference, although the 304 will be cheaper.

If you have a house or business on the coats or involved in marine activities then the 316 is the better choice, the molybdenum increases it’s resistance to corrosion.

It’s worth noting that both of these metals look the same, you should look for a stamp on the metal to confirm its rating. If there isn’t one the only way to know for sure is by getting a material test report done.

You’ll find that 304 is the more commonly chosen type for kitchen appliances and auto moldings. It can even be used for exhausts and pressure vessels;

But, the 316 will be the choice of industries that need to prevent corrosion or ensure there is minimal metallic contamination, again it’s the molybdenum that helps with this.

The Bottom Line

Stainless steel is essential to many industries as it allows them to create products resistant to corrosion and contamination. But, you should also consider it at home. Its decorative usages are virtually unlimited, and you never need to replace it is a fantastic bonus!

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