Stainless Steel Sink Scratches And How To Remove Them


Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steels aren’t completely scratch-free. They might look elegant, fancy, and durable, but they can get scratched for different reasons. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to remove these stains from your sink. With a few tips, your sink can return to its normal state.

The following article covers how to remove scratches from stainless steel sink.

Reasons To Use A Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sinks are a popular choice for home and commercial kitchens because they’re durable and great-looking. They are also low maintenance, affordable, and not susceptible to cracking and chipping.

The sinks are also antibacterial, hence easy to disinfect. They are available in different options. This makes it easier for you to pick one that suits your preferences when you buy kitchen sinks. Stainless steel is eco-friendly since it’s recyclable. Lastly, cleaning stainless steel sink is easy.

  1. Advice For Cleaning Sink Scratches

Removing scratches from a stainless steel sink is a little more complicated than using a household cleaner. But with the right tools and techniques, it’s doable. Some tools you should have include scratch removal agents, microfiber cloth, non-abrasive cleaner, and abrasive pads.

Here are a few ways to clean scratched stainless steel sink.

  • Pair Baking Powder And A Toothbrush

The best way to clean stainless steel sink scratches is by using a toothbrush and some baking soda. Dip the toothbrush in the baking soda and scrub at the scratches until they disappear. Rinse off the sink and dry it off with a towel.

  • Use Olive Oil To Remove The Scratches

If the scratches on your sink are small, olive oil is the best option. Apply olive oil to a paper towel or soft cloth, rub it off on the scratched area, and then wipe it off. You can repeat the procedure as often as needed until you entirely remove the scratch.

  • Use Scotch Brite Pads

Use a non-abrasive pad to buff the surface of the stainless sink to minimize the appearance of scratches. Using long smooth strokes, use the scotch pad to cover these dents. Always ensure you rub it off in the same direction as the grain.

  • Use Barkeepers Friend

Bar keepers friend is a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner that’s effective when removing scratches. It effectively removes stains, rust, lime, and hard water deposits. Always test the cleaner to ensure that it’s safe for the sink. Shake the bottle, and squeeze it on the damp of the sponge or sink.

Rub the solution around the scratches and rinse with water after around one minute of application, then wipe the place dry. You can also create a paste of baking soda and water and then rub it into the scratches with a soft cloth.

Here are some of the don’ts when cleaning the scratches.

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, as they can damage the surface of your sink.
  • Try not to scrape or drag pots and pans over the sink’s surface, as this will also cause scratches.
  1. Why Do Stainless Steel Sinks Become Scratched Up?

Stainless steel sinks can become scratched up from utensils, pots and pans, and other objects that are routinely in contact with them. Since many models have directional polishing marks, the scratches can show up dramatically.

The scratches can be deep enough to damage the sink’s surface and make it difficult to clean. In some cases, the scratches can even harbor bacteria.

  1. How Should A Stainless Steel Sink Be Maintained?

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sink

You need to protect the stainless steel sink by maintaining it. Ensure to clean up any water spots or marks that may have been left after each use. Wipe the sink with a rag using a gentle circular motion and then rinse it off with warm water.

It’s also important to avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbers, such as steel wool, scouring pads, or similar items. Not only can these scratch the sink’s surface, but they can also dull its finish over time.

Instead, try using a mild dish detergent mixed with warm water. If there are any tough stains, you can make a paste from baking soda and water to get rid of them. For best results, take time to soak it in the paste before rinsing it with warm water.

For stubborn marks on your sink, use a soft cloth dampened with white vinegar to wipe away the residue. Regularly cleaning your stainless steel sink will keep it looking new for years to come!

Final Thoughts

Stainless steel sinks are beautiful and popular because of their sleek and shiny appearance. However, stainless steel also scratches easily. So if your sink is scratched, don’t worry.

There are several ways to remove the scratches and protect your sink from further damage. The above tips are a few that you can try. So what tips do you apply to remove scratches from your stainless sink?

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