Star Wives And Their Interior Design Talent


Star Wives of Bollywood superstars have created their niche by twinkling in the field of interior design. Interior designing is their passion, hobby, and even their full-time occupation. Designing the interiors, running their lifestyle store along with being the dotting mothers and loving wives to their star husbands are so natural to them.

Here Is a List Of Some Star Wives Who Have Made Their Name In This Niche:

  1. Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna Interior Design

This name is known to be the most twinkling star of interior design. Before she launched her flagship interior design and lifestyle store, she used to do interior design. The White Window is her store in Mumbai. Twinkle has won the award for best wall finish from an internally recognized décor magazine. This is her third award since she started interior designing seven years ago after taking a bow from being an actress.

  1. Suzanne Khan

Sussanne Khan Interior

Sussanne Khan is into interior design with a concept store for interior design and lifestyle store named The Charcoal Project, which is in Mumbai. She has officially studied for the Associate of Arts degree, an interior design degree from Long Beach’s Brooks College. She designs homes. Interior design has been part of her life as her mother, Zarine Khan, has been in the internal business for many years.

  1. Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan Interior Designer

The wife of King Khan has collaborated with Suzanne Khan in developing a signature line at the Charcoal Project. She has recently designed the couture penthouse for the Kolte Patil Developers, which is in Pune.

  1. Mana Shetty

She is the wife of Sunil Shetty, a man with a golden heart. Mana Shetty has started very recently a home décor, furnishing, and accessories store called R House in Mumbai. She has recently ventured into home décor but has been part of fashion for a long time with many fashion boutiques. She wants to make a store that will be a one-stop shop for the interiors.

  1. Tanya Deol

Bobby And Tanya Deol

Tanya is well-known in Bollywood, for she has designed the furniture for many Bollywood stars’ homes. She designs furniture pieces, chandeliers, décor, and interior-related accessories. The Good Earth is her flagship store, which she has been running for many years in Mumbai.

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