Starting Your Own Interior Design Business

On April 18, 2018 by Preeti

Interior Design Business Ideas
So, you have a passion for interior design and want to start your own business. You have a great eye and you have an immense passion for art and design.

The great thing is that you are never too old to start in this business either. It can be tough and the market can be heavily saturated with people who watch a design show on HGTV and think that they can be an interior designer too. While it is great to see people trying new things and discovering their passions, you will know how to launch a successful business to be able to set yourself apart from the rest of the bunch.

Make A Website

Make A Website
Many prospective clients will not take you seriously if you do not have a website. This is the hub for your business. This is pretty much a requirement if you are doing any type of online marketing because people will not trust you without one. Not only that, this is where your portfolio and contact information will go. Even if someone hears about your business via referral, they may want to be able to look you up online and view your portfolio. Your website represents your business and should do the selling for you if you build it right. This is the place to show your personality and ideas with prospective clients.

If you can afford to, it is best to have a good web designer and copywriter make your website for you. If you can not afford it at the moment, there are plenty of low cost tools you can use to easily design your own website.

People are going to view your work through your photographs. This is where your interior design work lives as far as your potential clients are concerned. Your portfolio is going to be comprised of photographs and it is pretty much the only representation of your work that your clients will see. An unflattering photo with poor lighting can really turn a client off and give a bad representation of the true beauty of your work.

Do not try to shoot your own interior design shots unless you really are a skilled photographer or you do not have the money to invest in a photographer. It is strongly recommended that you hire an interior photographer because they will know how to shoot and edit the photo to make it look like it came straight out of a magazine.

Do Not Be Afraid To Turn Clients Down

hire an interior designer
This may seem like the type of problem you would like to have. If you are just starting out, you are probably just thinking about getting clients. However, there are particular clients who are just not worth the time and can possibly cause you to actually lose money. There will be clients with a low budget who expect you to work a miracle and you may want to take them on, but interior design on a budget takes significantly more time and effort. Doing something that requires a lot of time and effort for a low price is just not a sustainable business model and is likely to burn you out.

There are other ways to help people who may not have the money to hire an interior designer. You can start a blog or youtube channel, for example and give tips to your audience that will help them do the job themselves.

Depending on how large or a project you are taking on, you may need a truck to haul your materials and decor.. You don’t have to run out and buy a truck. To save money you can use a rental company, like Flex Fleet Rental. You can rent what you need for how long you need. You may find that you only need a truck twice a year. There is no point in buying a truck just to use it twice.

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