Stay At Home And Learn To Decorate Home Like Never Before


We are very much aware of the pandemic of Coronavirus and how it is affecting people. So, infected people have been quarantined to mitigate their effects. Today, India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also urged the people to stay home on 22nd March as the Government declared it a Janta Curfew. So, amidst all things, how to spend time. The best way to do this is to learn some techniques to decorate homes.

One of the daunting and quite challenging tasks is to design your home. It needs a lot of planning and thinking unless you are an expert in-home decorator. But, it is quite apparent that a precise picture in mind may prevent us from making any costlier mistakes. And, nobody intends to waste effort, time or the most important thing is money.

Considering these things may help you achieve your goal and provide you with a vision of decorating your house at a low price. Here, we are offering a few tips for decorating the home that is as follows:

Declutter Your Living Room And Rearrange Furniture

Declutter Your Living Room

Let’s begin with decluttering the living room, kids’ room, and a pleasant atmosphere. Remove all unnecessary stuff from the room and rearrange them. It’s a good opportunity to take the help of your family members to clean the room and rearrange the furniture.

Overcrowding in the house that one must need to avoid. It is quite applicable in the case when you have a lot of furnishings. Filling the space with unwanted furniture may make your room crowded and messy. This way, you can also get rid of germs and beat the Coronavirus. So let’s fight together with this situation.

Select The Right Paint For Your Room

Select The Right Paint For Your Room

Picking the right paint for your home is not so easy as there is a lot of paint’s colour present in different shades, tints as well as tones. Therefore, ensure that the paint in your house complements everything in the home.

Or, if you had not planned for the paint, you can clean the wall artwork redecorate the wall with some DIY stuff which you did not get the time due to a busy schedule the entire week.

Use Some Old Artwork In Your Room

Use Some Old Artwork In Your Room

Artwork in the house may also assist in improving the look. And, if you are thinking of including the artwork, then the first thing you need to do is place them at the proper height. The height should relate to the scale of the human. Sometimes it’s possible that you had purchased something but didn’t get time or some other ideas had taken place; you can use that old artwork now.

Arrange Furniture On The Rug In The Room Accordingly

Arrange Furniture On The Rug In The Room Accordingly

A proper arrangement of the furniture in the house may provide a good impact. There are many ways to arrange furniture on the rugs, like on or off the carpet. It assists in providing a luxurious and well-defined space in the room.

You also can rearrange the kids’ room or your wardrobe. Trust me, arranged home makes you feel like happiest and who knows you found something memorable which you lost during your busy days.

Try To Build Focal Point

Try to Build Focal Point

It is essential to consider the focal point. You can quickly draw the attention of the people using this point. But you need to be very conscious while deciding the focal point. Try to select things that may quickly draw attention.

Don’t Overuse Your Collections.

Don't Overuse Your Collections

Try to use things from your collections that are impressive enough to embrace the home’s decoration. It is not needed to display everything just because you have a lot of collections.

Kitchen Arrangement

Family Gathering Time

The kitchen plays a significant role in any home. You can utilize Janta Curfew Day to arrange kitchen cabinets, clean the kitchen tiles and countertops, remove stubborn spots from your kitchen.

Cook something delicious for your entire family and have a great family gathering time.


We hope for your safe and secure journey ahead. Let’s beat the CORONA; let’s support the nation and wish you all a healthy, happy life.

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