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Morris Portable AC system 9000 BTU

With temperatures set to scale the mid-30°C and the Met Office predicting a heatwave, it’s a good idea to think of how you plan to cool off. Domestic air conditioning is the perfect option to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed indoors. It helps to maintain a consistent temperature indoors year-round. This is a great solution if you live in a rented or leased property. There is no need to break walls or get a professional installer for the job. And when you need to move out, you can simply pick it up and leave.

How Home Air Conditioning Works

Both domestic and industrial air conditioning systems are designed to cool a designated space by replacing warm and humid air with cool, dry air. They work on the principle of phase change. A liquid (the refrigerant) is converted by heating from its original phase into gas. This gas is made to flow past an extension valve and through a closed system of indoor evaporator coils. Cool air is created outside this unit, and fans blow it into the room. Warm air in the room is exchanged during this process, which converts the cool gas back into liquid and continues. A thermostat controls the cycle and stops it when the inside air reaches the desired temperature.

Home Air Conditioners Are Of Different Types:

  • Window air conditioners
  • Ductless or split air conditioners
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Central air conditioning

All of these work on the same principle but may have different components, designs, and features based on the space they’re to be installed.

How Much Is Domestic Air Conditioning?

Pricing and installation costs vary according to several factors. The type of system and the size/nature of the home are important variables. Quality, brand, and available features make a significant difference to the price.

A split air conditioner (AC) for the average double bedroom costs between £2,250-3000. You can also find products for about £1500 per room for full installation. Running costs could work out to about 30p an hour.

Portable ACs are a great choice for rooms less than 500 sq ft. where the window or split ACs cannot be installed for certain practical reasons. Looking at the pros and cons of a portable air conditioner:


  • an affordable choice
  • ideal as a temporary solution
  • doesn’t require installation
  • compact and neat looking
  • suitable for rooms with non-standard or awkwardly placed windows


  • has high noise-levels
  • is not easy to move on carpeted floors
  • needs the effort to maintain
  • not suitable for large rooms

Prices for portable ACs range from £250-850 based on the brand, features, and model. Select a product with WiFi/smart control, dehumidifier, low noise, and child-locking. A Portable AC unit 9000btu offers all these features and more.

Does Home Air Conditioning Use Gas?

All AC systems use electricity and are not powered by gas. The system is a closed-loop and works by changing the refrigerant liquid inside the copper coils into gas. In the liquid state, refrigerant is very cold, and in the gaseous phase, it gets hot. The compressor turns the gas back into liquid, and the cycle continues. Unless there’s a leak, there’s no need to replace or top up the gas.

Don’t lose your cool! Beat the heat with the right portable AC.


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