Steps to Clean a Mattress Part 1


Mattress Cleaning

Here are some common steps to clean mattress of unidentified stains on mattress or due to mold and mildew which can be removed etc. Mattress needs to have a clean and fresh feeling and that gives us comfortable sleep.

Clean Bedroom and Bed Mattress

Mattress Cleaning Vacuum CleanerMattress needs to be cleaned from blood stains, cigarette odor needs to be removed, urine stains and its odor, remove stains which have been caused because of colored drinks spilled on the mattress. Here are some tips to clean the mattress to keep it fresh.

Common steps to clean mattress

Vacuum mattress

Vacuum mattress first and this help to clean mattress because when it get wet, there is less matter in dirt to cause any stain.

Use upholstery cleaner:

Use the upholstery cleaner for cleaning as these don’t affect the skin as well as have advantage of removing the dust mites.

Vacuum Cleaner for MattressUse the enzyme cleaners:

Enzyme cleaners are to be used as they are effective in breaking down ‘structure of stains’ which will help to lessen the stains.

In case of unidentified mattress stains use citrus type cleaner and let it stay for five minutes and after that use mild detergent to clean as well. To clean blot out the cleaner whit clean and absorbent cloth but don’t rub.

Now we will in upcoming post share more cleaning tips for the mattress.

Girl on Mattress


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