Steps To Clean A Mattress Part 4


Mattress Clean and Fresh Tip

Mattress can have a foul smell and stains due to mold and mildew, and mold and mildew removal are essential to having a fresh and clean mattress. However, moisture is the main culprit behind it.

A mattress needs to feel refreshing because we sleep on a mattress to get refreshed. That is why our mattress must have mold and mildew removal.

Here are steps to clean the mattress for mold and mildew removal:

Clean a Mattress

First, give a suntan to your mattress. These stains and a foul smell are due to moisture, and taking your mattress outside on a sunny day and let it dry there.

Clean Bedroom

Before keeping it for suntan, you need to remove the excess mold and mildew by sweeping or wiping it off.

Vacuum the mattress once sundry. After finishing the vacuum, ensure you dispose of the filter and bag because you need to prevent mold spores from leaking when you use the vacuum next time.

Mix the isopropyl alcohol and the warm water and make a solution. Sponge the solution on the mattress and then rinse with warm water. This will prevent spores of mold.

You can also use the common disinfectant to clean the mattress, such as the Lysol, which will kill the spore that lingers, and thus, you will have a mold and mildew-free mattress.

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