Stone Types Used For Kitchen Stone Benchtops


Most of the time, it is the natural stone, which gets more privilege in the construction of benchtops. Thanks to its natural outlook and fewer maintenance features, people always eye for the natural rocks even if those cost you a bit more. However, things have changed, and modern technology is in use for the construction of some engineered stones to be used in making kitchen stone benchtops.

There are some specialized engineered stones available, which are gaining some popularity among the masses and accessible within your pre-set budget. Unlike natural stones, you do not have to pay much for engineered stones. Now, that is quite a winsome deal for you!

Types Of Engineered Kitchen Stone Benchtops:

Engineered Kitchen Stone Benchtops

So, before you finally invest in purchasing the best-engineered stone for your kitchen benchtops, it is time to learn more about the types first. That can work as a great deal in your favor and would like to offer you the best deals right away. You have so many products to use and design your dream kitchen. Once you are sure of the engineered stone variations, you can easily make way for the best selection in this regard.

Kitchen Benchtops

  • SilestoneOne of the significant examples of engineered stones is, Silestone a perfect combination of 94% of quartz and other elements, making it resilient and quite strong. This element is impervious to acids, staining, and scratches. For many engineered experts, this stone happens to be the best choice. It is available in multiple colors, mixed well with extraordinary textures.
  • CaesarstoneCaesarstone is the perfect combination of 95% of quartz and 5% of coloring and polymer resins. If you cannot afford to get yourself the expensive natural stones like granite or marble, this one can be an excellent alternative to follow. It is a hard substance and made more durable with the amalgamation of the stain and scratch-resistant features. So, this stone can be a perfect option to create long-lasting and robust kitchen stone benchtops right away.
  • EssastoneWith 95% natural quartz, this engineered stone is a rather durable option and perfect for creating kitchen benchtops. This item is stated to be homogenous in makeup and non-porous in nature. The low maintenance finish of engineered stone is resistant to knocks and scratches. Besides, it is impervious to chemicals, heat, and even staining. You can choose from multiple color variations, right from something substantial to more patterns.

Detailed Service Just For You:

Kitchen Stone Benchtops

Once you are through with the types of engineered stones. Now, it is time to get to know about the companies offering the best kitchen stone benchtops in the market. Well, the reliable name in this field will provide you with details on the benchtops, which can further help in creating seamless and beautiful design. Some of the elements, which they are going to focus on are mounting sink area, edge details, draining grooves, and similar such options before coming to any decision. The products are instead gaining popularity among the masses because of its splashback applications. The products require minimal grouting and with low maintenance features, unlike other kitchen benchtop types.

Get Quotes From The Installers:

Kitchen Stone Benchtops Installation

In addition to that, try to get first installation quotes from the reliable installers before you get down with kitchen stone benchtops installation work of your choice. They are going to render the desired results you likely to have, and they will choose the right option for you. You are expected to receive quotes before even starting the job, so half of the work is over. You can pre-fix the price too and then ask for the service.

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