Stop Damaged Concrete Guttering From Affecting Your Home

Stop Damaged Concrete Guttering From Affecting Your Home

Concrete Gutters

Concrete gutters, which are also more commonly known as Finlock gutters, can have detrimental effects on your home’s exterior, interior, and functionality. These gutters were originally built on homes in the 1950s-1970s and were used as an alternative to steel during the war effort.

Concrete gutters were originally built as durable alternatives to steel gutters and before more modern protections like a gutter guard system. However, over their lifetime, they have proven to be a failing system. Concrete guttering becomes porous over its lifetime and eventually begins to break down and allow water to leak through. This leads to several issues with the gutters, which can start to cause problems for your home also.

Gutter Issues:

Lining Failure

Lining failure is caused by the expansion and contraction of the lining due to changes in the temperature. Because of this, the heavy concrete can crack and separate, creating access points for water to escape through and causing further issues to your gutters and your home. Lining failure is incredibly problematic and can be costly to fix. If you are experiencing lining failure, you should have this repaired immediately.

Cold/Thermal Bridging

Cold bridging is when cold materials meet warm ones, causing the cooling down of the warmer material. Cold/thermal bridging is incredibly common and can be an issue all year round. However, during winter, it can be especially negative and can sometimes hinder how well your home is able to insulate and the quality of your home’s energy consumption. Problematic gutters will create a colder home and pose issues with energy consumption and your energy bill.

No Pitch On The Gutter

Modern gutters are tilted in order to allow rainwater to run down the drainpipe and away from your home. Finlock gutters were installed on top of level walls, meaning no water can escape. This means water is sitting in the downpipe for extended periods of time and causing more damage the longer it is sat there. In some cases, it can cause the guttering to fall or collapse, as well as attract pests.

Sagging/Uneven Gutters

If the gutters do not have sufficient filling and strengthening when they’re fixed, they begin to sag and affect the beauty of your home. Sagging can also cause windows to become difficult to open and close, resulting in problems on the inside of your home.

Damp And Mould

When water is left in the guttering, it can result in numerous issues. It can cause consistent problems with the fabric of the building and increase the risk of mould and damp growth in your home. Both effects can be hazardous for your health and your home.

Damage To Interior Décor

With the above issues, damp and mould growth are incredibly high risks. Due to damp and mould, the wallpaper can come away from the walls, watermarks and damp can be visible in your home and paintwork around the home can be ruined. The only way to rectify this is to redecorate and repair the gutter problems. This can be a waste of time unless you have a Finlock gutter replacement to correct the issues entirely. If you choose to repair the guttering instead of replacing them, the problems will certainly return. If you want all gutter issues to go away completely you should consult a Finlock gutter replacement specialist and enquire about a Finlock gutter replacement. The only way to resolve all the issues with Finlock gutters is to replace them with something more reliable.

To correct any issues with concrete guttering, it is recommended to have an entire concrete gutter replacement. This will ensure all the issues are cleared away, and you will have new, more reliable guttering systems installed.


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