Storage Setup: Great Ideas on How to Maximize Small Spaces at Your Home


Living in an abode with limited space like condominiums, apartments, or dorms is challenging. It can be frustrating, especially when it comes to organizing your things. That’s why you must look for a feasible solution on how to organize your stuff accordingly.

Maximize Small Spaces of Living Room

In this situation, furniture organizers like shelves and other kinds of storage could use a hand. Shelves are not only suitable for storing your souvenirs, but they can also spice up your interior design and home style.

For you to maximize the small spaces in your place, you need to have your storage organizers in the right location. Here are some storage ideas that may help you establish your home and make it look spacious.

Hanging Shelves

Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are the best solution if you want to free up floor space, yet you don’t want to throw away your collectibles. This kind of furniture is not just functional for storing but also for styling. It allows natural light to come into your home, which makes it look spacious.

Other people choose to do their hanging shelves on their own due to commercial purposes. But if you can’t, there are plenty of hanging shelves available in the market nowadays that you can easily install on your walls.

Make Use of Your Corners

Make Use of Your Corners

If you have belongings such as cookbooks, knick-knacks, and souvenirs that you wanted to display, yet you don’t know where to put it, stacking shelves are a great aid. This kind of furniture piece is suitable for your living room and kitchen corners. It is appropriate that you’d use every unused corner in your home and install an upright row of shelves.

Store Underneath Your Stairs

Store Underneath Your Stairs

You may think that the space under your stairs is useless, but it is an ideal area where you can add extra furniture storage. Having a depot like shelves beneath your staircase is very helpful, especially when you have a small and tight place. With this functional repository, you can display your collectibles, such as tokens and relics.

Aside from storing purposes, shelves under your staircase also add a delightful attraction to the interior of your home, for it appears like a built-in component. You can also coat your racks with whatever color you like to make it more favorable.

Shelves At The Back of Your Door

Hidden Cabintet

It may not be possible to have a storage unit at the back of your door as it will alter your door opening, but some brainy interior decorators make it possible.

The space behind your door can be very beneficial if you install a storage shelf in it. You can make space out of it. It’s not noticeable when you open the door, which makes it more exciting and alluring. It is also useful when you’re too considerate when it comes to practicality.

Utilize Your Headboard

Utilize Your Board

When you’re too attached with big and queen-sized beds, yet it takes too much space in your room, you can still have a storage opportunity out of it. There are available beds on the market nowadays with built-in functional storage in its headboard that you may consider buying.

If you have lots of old books and magazines, but you don’t want to trash it, the storage in your headboard is an excellent help for you to keep it.

Store Using Your Side Alcove

Store Using Your Side Alcove

Having a five to six simple horizontal shelves fit in your side alcove wall is an excellent idea for you to maximize your small place. If you do the right makeover, a shelving unit will make your inelegant wall space stylish and appealing.

You can also add attractive features to your nooks to make it more creative and eye-catching. You may paint it with a desirable color that complements the character of your room. 


Having a clean and spacious home is what the majority of every individual desire. Spacious and uncluttered home brings positivity to everyone’s life; that is why it is inevitable that we keep our home clean and well-organized.

Given this, having furniture pieces like shelves will surely help you, especially when it comes to organizing things. The storage ideas above may also help you when you decide to maximize the small spaces in your home. You can also visit sites like Deal Wiki as a reference for your needs when you organize your home.

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