Storage Solutions For Your Tiny Bedroom


Bed Design Ideas

It is widely acknowledged that the UK has some of the smallest houses in Europe, and so it is no surprise that many Brits find it difficult to cram their possessions into their smaller than average bedrooms. However, necessity is the mother of invention, and luckily many furniture designers and home good retailers have stepped in to create innovative storage solutions for tiny homes.

Under The Bed

Bed Frame With Storage

Hiding your possessions under the bed may have been a way of cleaning your room as a child, but is also a very effective storage solution for your small bedroom. At Bedz ‘R’ Us know, there are many ways to keep your stuff under your bed, from an Ottoman mattress to trundle drawers. These can sometimes be a little heavy to access, so this is ideal for extra bedroom storage for spare linens or out of season clothing – make the most of the space by organising everything into baskets or vacuum-packing soft textiles.

Think Upwards

Floating Shelves

If you lack floor space in your room, why not think another way and maximise the vertical space of your walls? There are many clever shelving options for all kinds of rooms and storable items – a wall-sized bookshelf is fairly stress-free to assemble and install, and isn’t restricted to housing books. Alternatively, a series of floating shelves installed at or above head height can be very effective, including using a shelf above the headboard of your bed or at arm’s reach for easy access.

Alternative Wall Hangings

Alternative Wall Hangings

For bigger, bulkier bits of your lifestyle such as bicycles, sports equipment, or musical instruments, consider using them as an alternative to a standard wall hanging. You may well have to purchase specialist hooks or racks to hang your equipment safely, but it serves as one way to save on floor space and find homes for all your stuff. This tip is for the more bohemian style of homes, but it looks especially cool with stringed instruments.

Double Duty Furniture

Desk With A Shelf

When choosing pieces of furniture such as wardrobes and desks, ensure they can hold as much as possible to minimise clutter. A desk with a shelf on the back means that all of your stationery supplies will have a home (and thus reduces buying excess materials) and be easily accessible. Add an over-door coat hook to your bedroom door, and put a shower or shoe caddy inside your wardrobe door to keep jewellery, scarves, shoes, makeup and more. A chest of drawers or desk could double as a bedside table if the shape of your room is right – rearrange your furniture and experiment to find what works.

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