Story Of Artisan Rugs Makers In India And Beyond


Artisan Rugs Makers In India

Artistry is a skill possessed by very few. Be it painting, designing, or crafting a rug, there are some very necessary capabilities that one needs to flourish in these fields. Today, we are shining some light upon the artisan rugs makers who are slowly depleting from the face of the earth and how you can support them.

Rug making is not something that was introduced yesterday and suddenly everyone was doing it. It is a traditional art that has been running in families for decades. In ancient times, kings and emperors of various regions used to appoint skilled artisans to work on rugs for their castles. Artisans, on the other hand, used these opportunities to exhibit their artistry and design something that’s not just durable but also magnificent.

The tradition of making rugs is still present and many artisans across the globe work day in and day out to create something unique for their clients. However, it is an art that is slowly dying. The development of machines has made rugs cheaper than ever. They are being mass-produced and dyed collectively, large corporates are spending tons of money in promoting their machine-made floor rugs, and ultimately the consumers are buying it. This process is not helping the artisan rugs makers.

If you are also one of the machine-made rug users, here are some reasons why you should consider artisan rugs instead. To start with, they are simply a unique piece of art that is not another rig but someone’s delicate work. Secondly, the durability of hand-knotted rugs is far better than any machine-made floor rug. And, don’t even start on the design work – every artisan rug is breathtakingly beautiful. Even though you will be spending a sizable amount of money on an artist rug and probably the time taking to make this kind of rug, especially if it’s custom made, can be in months. At the end of the day, you will have in your hands a piece of elegance and luxury.

  • How Can You Help Artisan Rugs Makers?

Many artisans who work on rugs have nothing but the income they get from selling rugs. Slowly many companies like are trying up with such artisans from the rural areas and providing them with a space to showcase their talents. You, a consumer, can help them too. How? The first step you can take is to buy from them. Online or offline, look for rug vendors who deal in artisan rugs or a local artisan who is selling, buy from them rather than a store with machine-made rugs. You can also use the power of social media to promote such artists and ask people who need floor rugs to visit their store and shop there. If nothing else, you can at least thank them for the tremendous work they do. If you find the right artisan rug maker, you can get yourself a custom made rug for your space.

  • What If You Own An Artisan Rug?

If you own an artisan rug, you own a piece of history. It is a given fact that artisan rugs last way longer than any other kind of floor rug. They are carefully designed and stitched. Natural dyes are used in coloring the rugs and the efforts of the artists making the rug are just incredible. Artisan rugs are very unique in design and artists try to depict their culture or the place’s culture and tradition through the designs on the rug. From people to flowers and more there can be several things embedded on the rug, admire it. Try to find meaning in it. Take good care of the rug you own, keep it clean, and get it washed regularly. Make it a topic of discussion among your friends and family. Because the more you talk about it, the more aware you are making your closed ones about the art that exists in artisan rugs.

It is a tiring process that demands true talent, years of hard work, and an immense amount of patience, artisan rug making is no joke. Help the industry by doing your part. If you are looking for rugs, try to shop for artisan rugs. If you love art, you will surely love artisan rugs. It is also mandatory that you buy from a trusted vendor both online or offline. So do a bit of research before you finalize on your rug. Check to see signs of authentic rugs and only buy those. And, if you have got a burning question, our comment section is one, go on.

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