Stuck For Inspiration For A Kid’s Room? Ask The Kids!


Kids Around The World Design Their Dream Bedrooms

The internet is jam-packed with very mature and sensible ideas on how to redecorate a child’s room. Carefully considered color-schemes jostle with technological solutions and serious space-saving devices for parents who would love to have a bit of magic for their kids – as long as that magic is, you know, functional.

Well, the folks at Angie’s List had a better idea. Why not ask the kids not just what they want, but to complete the entire interior design themselves? They asked children from all over the world to draw their ideal bedroom and then used professional imaging tools to show what their interior ideas would look like if they came off the page.

When you stop worrying about what’s possible and ask junior to dream, you’ll find some unpredictably inspiring ideas come to light.

Kids Around The World Design Their Dream Bedrooms

Five-year-old Inaya, for example, sees no problem with incorporating playground elements indoors so long as the carpet is as luxurious and soft as a grassy field. And Martin (6) has the perfect solution for sleepovers: a five-story bunk bed complete with a slide for descending from the top.

Parents who are concerned their kids only love iPad might be startled to discover just how passionate about nature today’s children are. Several of the young designers incorporated significant outdoor features into their interiors, with more than one wishing for a real live tree (parrot optional). It goes to show how adding fresh flowers and living houseplants to a kid’s room not only improves the air and adds color and life – it can also inspire the occupant to learn, love, and care about the natural world.

Of course, not all children are so flowery and idyllic. Young Harry from England wants to be a Special Weapons police officer when he grows up and has drawn his training ground. You might not want to hang machine guns from the walls of your little warrior’s boudoir, but transforming his or her room into a training room full of games and challenges such as these can be a great way to encourage junior to be active and curious. And in case you’re worried it’s too stimulating for Harry to get to sleep at night, you’ll note he’s added more luxurious features such as a fake fur carpet and ‘sunken couch with orange neon floor + heated seats’ on which to relax after all that action.

While you may not have the cash or the DIY skills to make your child’s every interior design goal come true, figuring out precisely what they’d want in an ideal world can help your decorating dollar go a bit further. A kid that’s drawn their room is already invested in the outcome, and imagination is your secret resource.


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