Sturdy, Colorful And Designer: Tip Ton Chair


Tip Ton Person Sitting

Tip Ton Chair is a modern design chair from the leading furniture maker Vitra. In making one single chair design, so much work goes into it rather than years of research. However, the Tip Ton Chair has been designed after intensive research.

Vitra Tip Ton Final Chairs

There is bad furniture, and good quality furniture has good ergonomics. The Tip Ton Chair is good quality, good ergonomics chair for school and children studying at home. The Tip Ton Chair was designed after talking to many leading school facilities managers, learning more about children’s concentration and how it affects the movement, and collaborating with Zurich University for ergonomics.

Tip Ton Chair for Children

This way, Vitra was able to make a chair: Tip Ton Chair, which is an all-around function that can be used in the home, office, kitchen table, and for meetings.

La Chaise Tip Ton Rocking Chair Vitra

The Tip Ton Chair is a two-position chair that allows you to be active or passive without adjusting or sacrificing your position. In this chair, you can sit back to listen to lectures, listen to music, and conversations, sit forward, and even lean on the table for writing or typing on a laptop.

Mostly we sit at the edge of the chair, tip our body forward but end up hunching over. So there was a need to have a chair that could accommodate leaning forward and minimize rounded shoulders, which is essential for school kids. You need to keep your back straight. The Tip Ton Chair is perfect and has been aptly designed to take care of all such things.

Features Of The Tip Ton Chair:

  • Indestructible/durable passes higher strength test
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost
  • The low sound that is no clattering of chairs
  • Stackable
  • Colorful for children
  • Recyclable for environment
  • Single mold chair
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