Style And Utility By Fenesta Casement Windows And Sliding Doors


Breathtaking Casement Windows Decorating Ideas

Fenesta is a casement windows manufacturer and also sliding doors manufacturer which offers solutions for homes, offices, and institutions.

Windows are essential as they are important for it allows fresh air to enter, sunlight to enter the room, and so on. The windows in the room have certain functions. Fenesta casement windows have utility and are part of the décor and add to the style of the room.

Modern Room With Large Windows Blue Interiors

Casement windows can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and institutions. Casement Windows provide better ventilation.

Fenesta Casement windows are unique because of the way they are engineered, which is superior engineering and designed to be of multipurpose use. Casement windows are the solution for the insulation problem, effective in lowering the cost of air conditioning; thus, casement windows help save energy, and as these windows can be customized, you can have brighter rooms by having large windows. Yet these windows are effective in cutting noise and making your room dust-free.

Fenesta Casement Windows

Fenesta provides casement windows after consultation wherein they check height, wind pressure, and floor where windows have to be installed; thus, a careful evaluation is done beforehand. Therefore casement windows ensure noise, rain, pollution, and dust remain out of your home. Fenesta Casement windows manufacturer provides casement windows that open inwards or outwards with superior quality, and stable sash which is fixed on the outer frame designs are available which have a sash fixed, side hung, or top hung.

Modern Fenesta Sliding Window

Fenesta offers sliding doors made up of sash, which slide horizontally that can be left, right, or on tracks. Fenesta is a sliding doors manufacturer that offers the Fenesta series of sliding doors, which can be made wider or taller by adding sashes.

Living Room Furniture Interior

The sliding doors are of enhanced engineering with the ride-over mechanism. In this, the sash slides are slightly raised over the ground such that it prevents dust from settling in the track. Tracks will remain dust-free, which will ensure that sliding doors are sliding over smoothly. The Fenesta sliding doors are far smooth as compared with other conventional sliders.

Rustic Orange Dining Room

The sliding doors are manufactured and installed after evaluation of size, and wind loads, keeping in mind the insulation need as well as making it aesthetical design.

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  1. uPVC Casement Windows are suitable for any style or height of the building. The windows come with a sash that is connected to the outer frame by means of friction hinges or butt hinges, perfect for maximum air circulation. Casement windows are very energy efficient and come in varied designs like side hung, and top hung.


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