Styling Tips For Renters – Make The Space Feel Like Home


Styling Tips For Renters

Just because you’re renting a house, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. You can still make it fit your style and be cozy enough to feel welcomed.

You’ve just rented a flat or house but don’t really feel like home when you open the door. And the worst part is that you feel like your hands are tied because you cannot transform it. After all, any improvement would break the terms of your rental agreement.

Suppose you’re not one of the lucky renters who found a place with lavish décor; you need to find a way to transform the space and make it more appealing in the long run. Unfortunately, the landlord isn’t overly keen to redecorate because they don’t want to invest in the house.

But have you been on Pinterest yet? If you don’t have an account now, it’s the moment to register because the platform is filled with several décor ideas you can use to decorate a rental house and make it feel more like home.

Read on to discover the ultimate tips on how to make a space feel more welcoming without breaking the bank or the terms of your rental contract.

Talk To The Landlord

The landlord might not be willing to redecorate the space, and you might think the upgrades you intend to bring to the space won’t break the rental agreement terms, but it’s best to chat with the landlord to get their approval for the changes. RENEW, a property management company in Brentwood, suggests you chat with them and tell them you’re willing to pay for the upgrades and ask them if they approve the cosmetic changes you want to bring to the space. Ask them if they agree for you to repaint the walls, bring in plants, change the curtains, and hang some artwork.

Use Artwork

Whether you like abstract prints, boho hangings, customized wall art, or another kind of wall décor, the artwork will inject the rental with your personality and make it feel more welcoming. The various art prints available to buy online allow you to transform even the plainest space into an appealing one, so browse on the Internet and purchase those that fit your style.

Suppose the landlord disagrees with you drilling nails into the walls to hang your artwork; you can use bookcases, no-hole picture strips, or prop the prints on open shelving. If the landlord allows you to drill nails, consider creating a feature wall with a gallery of prints to add a touch of style to the space.

Pick Up Some Plants

Have a look around the place. Does it have any plants? If not, identify the places where you could put some pots and planters to liven up the house. Flowers and plants make a house seem more inviting and joyful because they are living organisms that clean the air and remove toxins from the air.

Usually, plants are common additions to living rooms and offices, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to these spaces. You can welcome plants to any room of the house, and most likely, the landlord won’t have anything to say about this because they don’t change the property’s structure in any way. Before purchasing any plant, research what conditions and care it requires. Some love humid rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, while others prevent sunny spots like the living room. Also, look for the kind of containers the plants need, and dare to be adventurous when choosing pots, as they can add texture and color to any house.

Upgrade The Lighting

The lighting can completely change the feel and look of a room. If you find it hard to believe, switch the light bulb from a room with a brighter one and play with warm and cold light, and you’ll notice how the room vibe changes every time. If you’re unhappy with the house’s lighting, research what type of lighting is right for each space. You can always replace the existing shades and lamps with new ones that better reflect your personality.

You can bring a total makeover to your house by changing the lighting accessories. As a rule of thumb, each room should have from 5 to 8 sources of light. Therefore, you can even purchase floor lamps if the space allows it because they would cast a nice glow to the space.

Also, consider investing in sunset lamps and table lamps to add extra light layers. Additionally, you can purchase some scented candles because they boost the atmosphere and mood.

Paint The Walls

Suppose you moved into a house with different colored rooms, which overwhelm you; you can ask the landlord if you can repaint the walls. Most allow you to change the color of the walls as long as you don’t pick something darker. If you prefer white walls because they offer a sense of cleanliness and freshness, the landlord will most likely allow you to apply a new coat of paint. If you want to create an accent wall, use pastel colors because most people find them appealing, and future tenants won’t feel uncomfortable. We recommend painting the entire house in a nice crisp white and embracing the Scandi style. A white canvas works great with any decorative style and lets you get creative with the accessories. Add a few pieces of artwork on the walls if you want the rental to feel more like your own.

Accessorise The Space

Often the small touches take a space from drab to fab, so you shouldn’t think twice before bringing in artwork, pillows, throw blankets, and other elements that allow you to express your taste and personality. If you’re an enthusiastic reader, create a bookshelf because books are food for the soul and interesting decorations. Use soft furnishings to make the house look cozier. From rugs to blankets and cushions, they all boost the appeal of the space. Visit your local vintage market or charity shop and buy cheap but great-looking items.

We understand how important it is for you to come home to an inviting space that feels like you. If your rental doesn’t offer you this impression, use the above recommendations to upgrade its look.

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