Stylish And Cozy Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas: Private Comfy Oasis


Cozy Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

With a few weeks away from Christmas, it’s time to plan how to decorate your home this year. While some will stick to the classics, others might want to try something new and non-traditional. This popular holiday is all about warmth and coziness one can find in their home surrounded by loved ones.

In a way, when the holiday season arrives, it’s a perfect time to create a comfy private oasis to relax and recharge the batteries. And to help you with decorations, here are stylish and cozy Christmas décor ideas that will transform your living room into a festive haven. Decorator’s Warehouse can help you get your home ready for Christmas with its wide variety of themes and products.

  1. Be Creative With The Tree

If you live in a small apartment, you may have limited space to place your Christmas tree. But there are other creative ways to have one and celebrate Christmas with an original idea. Put holly branches with berries in the glass vase and hang ornaments in various colors to brighten it up. If you are a book lover, then there is no better Christmas tree for you than the one made of your home collection. Once you stacked your books to look like a Christmas tree, add a pine cone on top and string lights around them.

If you are willing to try something unconventional, opt for a pink faux tree that will make the room gentle and festive at the same time. Origami trees are perfect since not only will you have fun making them, but also you can choose the perfect color and add sequins, glitter, and other decorations later. For those looking for the simplest solutions, find a tree branch, and paint it white. Then place it in a vase and hang Christmas balls in copper, baby pink, and gold colors.

  1. Deck Out Your Living Room With The Hot Cocoa Station

Christmas decorations don’t have to be big and flashy to make your holiday festive. Sometimes the smallest details can bring comfort during a snowy day and make your Christmas Eve even more special. One of the ways to do so is by placing a hot cocoa station in your living room.

Use a wooden table and throw a plaid cloth over it to match the festive mood. Besides thermos with cocoa and big cups, add a small Christmas tree to decorate your station. Of course, don’t forget marshmallows, cinnamon, and candy canes to spice up the hot beverage and Christmas, as well.

  1. Build A Fireplace

If you always wanted to have a fireplace, then Christmas is a perfect time to treat your home with one. The cheapest version is a freestanding electric fireplace, while for the one using wood, you will have to spend a little bit more. However, besides being a great source of warmth, the fireplace is also one of the most commonly used spots for Christmas decorations. Namely, this is the ideal place to hang the socks, so “Santa Claus” can put presents inside during the night.

If you have a fireplace already, but it’s out of order, you can still make it a part of your Christmas decorations and cozy up your living room. Fill lanterns with string lights and place them in the hearth, while you can decorate the mantle with garland and socks. Place a crate of firewood beside it and decorate it with evergreen branches and pinecones to complete the faux fireplace look.

  1. Cozy Up Ambiance With Lights

Having a candle wreath as a centerpiece on the coffee table is a classic that will remind everyone of their childhood. You can use pine branches, add some holly berries to make the wreath more Christmassy, and use festive candles like cinnamon scented ones. If it’s sunny outside, use Ziptrak blinds to create a romantic and private comfy oasis with string lights and candlelight.

Tall candlesticks are perfect for the mantel instead of garland, and you can use different colored candles like red and green to join in the Christmas décor. Lanterns with Christmas motifs will be perfect for the windowsill and shelves, while warm string lights will add a delicate glow to the room if hung on the wall.

  1. Add A Conversation Pit

Having a conversation pit in your living room is an old trend having a huge comeback in the past few years. This is a perfect setting for those who want to cozy up in front of the fireplace, Christmas tree, or comfortably snuggle while watching TV. All you need is a comfortable carpet like a sheepskin rug that will look like your conversation pit is covered in snowfall.

Decorate the area in a circular pattern with large cushions your guests can lean on and relax. A beautiful coffee table in the middle will be perfect for serving drinks and tapas so everyone can converse with each other and enjoy holiday treats.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is the perfect time to try some of the most stylish and cozy Christmas living room décor ideas out there. By choosing the decorations you like, you will easily create your comfy oasis to relax in with your family and friends. Just don’t forget to leave milk and cookies for Santa to freshen up after delivering your presents under the Christmas tree.

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