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Retractable Flyscreen

One of the essential advantages retractable fly screens offer to homeowners is protecting flies and insects, which hurt a healthy lifestyle. Besides that, fly screens can also protect the home from the sun’s UV rays and offer light and privacy control. When you want to buy retractable fly screens, you need to consider all the available options, including some first-hand information about the fly screens’ working methodology and operational functionalities. In this post, we will cover everything about retractable fly screens.

Types Of Screens

When it comes to standard retractable fly screens in Melbourne, they are either fixed or sliding. Fixed fly screens are installed outside of a window, and you will not open the flyscreens. On the other hand, sliding flyscreens are generally used for wider windows or doors that can be opened or closed, depending on your preferences. When opened, sliding fly screens can offer superior ventilation to the home

Mostly, aluminum frames are used for fly screens available in a wide range of powder-coated colors that can be easily matched with your existing home décor. If you want a custom color for fly screens, some suppliers might facilitate your demand by charging some extra money for that. You can choose from multiple colors available in the market or go for a custom color.

Hinged flyscreens open like plantation shutters and can cover smaller windows perfectly. There are also roller fly screens that can be rolled up like a blind. If you have wide windows and doors, you can go for retractable fly screens, which are a more expensive option but are perfect for them. Retractable fly screens are available in three options: paneled, pleated, or flat. Paneled fly screens work as bifold doors when opened or closed. Pleated fly screens don’t have panels and are not suitable for wider windows and doors.

On the other hand, flat retractable fly screens operate on a roller system and are more costly than other options. It is called flat as there are no pleats or panels associated with it.

Remember not to consider just price when you buy retractable fly screens. Choose which style will perfectly align with your doors and windows. Choose the right retractable fly screens that perfectly match the width of your doors and windows.

Types Of Fly Screen Mesh

There are a total of four types of fly screen mesh available for you: polyester/Polypropylene flyscreen, Fibreglass, Aluminium, and stainless steel. A Polyester/Polypropylene flyscreen is a cost-effective option similar to fibreglass. Aluminum has the unique quality of not warping and rusting. Also, it will give better visibility compared to other fly screen mesh. Many suppliers come up with some unique mesh options. For example, some stainless steel mesh comes with a PVC coating. Some mesh options can filter out smog particles, and some mesh screens are made for cyclone-prone areas. Paw-proof meshes are available that can resist scratches from dogs and other animals.

Flyscreen Mesh That Suits You

Choosing the mesh is a complex thing, and you need to ensure that the mesh type suits your preferences and custom needs. If you want greater clarity, you can choose a mesh that offers 20 to 25 percent greater clarity than other standard mesh fly screens. If you have dogs and cats at home, you can go for paw-proof mesh options. Also, the area you are living in might alter your mesh selection. If you live in an area where bushfires are common, you need to go for aluminum or stainless steel mesh as they are fireproof and protect your home. Go for cyclone retractable fly screens if you live in a cyclone-prone area.

If you live in an area where security is a significant concern, there are security fly screens available that cannot be broken easily. They can be installed correctly on your main door, and other windows and intruders will find it challenging to break. They might cost you more, but they will offer supreme security against any types of breaches and break-ins.

Flyscreens That Look Good

Earlier, flyscreens were not available in attractive options, but they do now. You can choose retractable fly screens that can give a paradigm shift to your home’s décor. There are more frame colors available that look attractive and appealing. Furthermore, some meshes are clearer and attractive.

How Much Do Flyscreens Cost?

If you want to install a flyscreen on your own, it is possible. However, it is highly recommended that you leave this part to the experts who possess sheer expertise in installing retractable fly screens. For larger windows and doors, professional installation will ensure that fly screens are working smoothly and efficiently for a long period. If you have multiple fly screens installed in your home, the installation cost would not be much. The cost of flyscreens might depend on the type of material used in the screen and the chosen mesh.

Modern flyscreens don’t cost much compared to older fly screens, and they look highly attractive appealing, and offer an aesthetic view of the home. Every single penny that you spend on retractable fly screens is worth the money as they change the home’s overall view and make it more comfortable and convenient to live in.


When you buy retractable fly screens, you need to take a pause and consider all options available to you rather than placing an order in a hurry. Take your time, consult suppliers, and make the decision that is right and perfect.

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  1. It’s great to know that fly screens can offer good ventilation in one’s home when opened. With that in mind, I would consider having one installed in my home. It would definitely be perfect for us during the summer season since there would be insects and the heat of the sun would be too hot by then in our area. Compared to other states we’ve been in, the area where we have chosen to settle down can be really hot.


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