Stylish Kitchen Countertops Ideas For Modern Kitchen


Do you opt for a modern look to your old kitchen? If you are looking to add some new features in the cooking space, the most important thing is to do proper planning in advance. Choose the kitchen countertops that help you feel wow!

A countertop is a horizontal work surface in the kitchen areas. When you are purchasing countertop materials for your kitchen area, it’s essential to consider that it will add style to your home interior.

  1. Available In Different Shapes

Stylish Kitchen Countertop is found in different shapes, which include – L shape, U shape, or G shape. If your kitchen area is not big enough, the kitchen countertops will serve as an obstruction and may even hinder passing through the area easily.

  1. Add Ventilation Hood

Add a ventilation hood that helps to get rid of steam, smoke, and cooking stink if the kitchen has a cooktop. The hood should expand beyond the cooking space by at least 3 inches for proper ventilation. It is advised that you use the fan that has the capacity of nearly 50 cubic feet for every square foot of the gas cooktop.

  1. Install Kitchen Sink Which Has Garbage Disposal

It is a good suggestion to install the sink with a garbage disposal facility. Choose the sink, which is quite deep for cleaning pans and pots. Equip the kitchen platform with the garbage disposal, trash compactor, dishwasher, and recycle bin. When you have all the kitchen appliances near the sink, it becomes easy to clean the cooking area.

  1. Have Sufficient Countertop Space

Kitchen Countertop

Make sure you have enough countertop space in the left and right of the cooktop. Leave at least 15 inches of countertop space on both sides of the kitchen. If you have a bigger kitchen space, you can keep more space. Besides, rounded countertop corners secure everyone from bad bruises.

  1. Shelf Space On The Sides Of Kitchen Island

Contemporary Kitchen Shelves

Keep enough shelf space on both sides of the kitchen island. You can use this space for cookbooks, collectibles, and storage purposes. Even you can set a television in this space so that you can enjoy your favorite show while preparing delicious food. You can also set a microwave here for heating food immediately and serve hot dishes to the family members and guests.

Final Words

There are lots of options in the market for your kitchen countertops, choose the material wisely which suits with your kitchen interior and your budget.

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