Succulent Plants for an easy Indoor Garden

On April 1, 2014 by Vishal Bhanushali

Succulents in pot

The best way to add freshness to your lovely interiors is adding some touch of real lush green plants. And if you are a forgetful gardener you will be happy to learn about Succulent Plants. So basically, Succulent Plants are now often used as indoor garden plants as the maintaince and care routine is very easy. You just have to water the plants once or twice a week.

Succulent Small-Bias-Globe

Since Succulent plants have thickened stems or leaves, these help in surviving in arid soil and climate conditions. A quick fact about succulent plants is all cactus plants are succulent, whereas not all succulent are cactus.

ceramic mugs for succulents

There are many different types of succulent plants that ranges from bright greens to colourful ones and from cactuses to blooming flower ones. Some of the frequently preferred succulent plant types are Hens and Chicks, Ornamental and Sedum. Hens and Chicks being the most poplar one are very colourful and project a very exotic flower like image. The Ornamental and Sedum Succulents are also available in many different types.

Hanging Succulent glass pots

You can be creative with potting these succulents. Like using a hanging multiple pots, using glass pots will also add that glamourous look to your interiors. And setting an indoor garden is an eco friendly thing, you can also go green with re-using your old stuff and convert it into an interesting potting idea for your succulents. This way you can not only save on your maintenance but also create some amazingly attractive and unusual indoor gardens.

Concrete cup mini pot succulent

The Succulent plants are becoming so popular that now you can also buy them from many different online stores. You can choose the types of your plant and also select the pots as per your preferences. And your succulent plant will be easily delivered to your door steps. Indoor gardening was never this easy before. All you need is wise knowledge and some creativity. Happy Gardening!

Recycled wine bottle succulent potting

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