Summer’s On: 4 Steps To Care For Your Yard Before You Party


Yard Care Before You Party

Summer’s here, and that means that it’s time for outdoor parties. If you have let your lawn go, though, that also means that it’s time to put in a little yard work. Below are four steps you can take to care for your lawn before the party season arrives.

Hire A Lawn-Care Service

The first step is always essential maintenance. It’s a good idea to hire a lawn-care service to come out to clean things up, whether that means trimming up the hedges or mowing the lawn. If you generally do your maintenance, it might be enough to do a once-over for weeds and keeping the grass trim. If not, you might want to have someone come out a few times a month to keep things looking fresh and prevent invasive weed species from leaving prickly surprises for your guests to step.

Get Pool And Hot Tub Maintenance

A surprising number of problems can happen with your pool and hot tub when they’re closed down for the winter. An excellent way to make sure that your pool parties go off without a hitch is to hire someone to perform pool and hot tub maintenance a few weeks before you have people over. It will allow you to get your pool or hot tub back into peak shape and will save you the embarrassment of explaining why they have to stay closed.

Refinish Your Deck

Your deck can be the staging ground for an epic outdoor party. Unfortunately, an unfinished deck might not only look bad, but it can be dangerous for your guests. Take some time to ensure that your neck gets refinished before the beginning of the season, allowing you to show it off in all of its glory the first time you have friends and family over for a party. While refinishing the deck after party season is a good idea, it won’t protect the underlying wood from the damage of party-goers’ feet when the protection is added after-the-fact.

Get Trees Pruned

Finally, you’ll want to get your trees taken care of. A good arborist can help you to cut back dead growth and ensure that all of the trees on your property are vibrant and healthy. Though the trees will mainly be background decor for your parties, having them look their best is always a good idea.

A little bit of garden maintenance can go a long way before the party season. Make sure that everything looks neat, tidy, and in excellent condition before you have anyone over. If you can get the maintenance done ahead of time, you can look forward to great parties all summer long.

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