Sunny Solutions – Increasing Natural Lighting In Your Home


The winter months can be full of dark skies and gloomy moods, but there are several conventional methods available which can help to mitigate these afflictions. One of the biggest complaints people have during this time is the lack of sunlight. To remedy this, one can choose from a variety of methods, from skylights to sunshades to name a few, to effectively increase the natural light in your home.

More natural light in a home can improve the general mood of a home or office, can provide effective temperature regulation for indoor spaces, and can even decrease your electricity bill by saving you money on lighting. With all of these benefits, you should make every effort to maximize the use of your space and try some of the simple methods available to allow more natural light into your space.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can increase the amount of natural light in your home.

On The Outside Looking In

Living Room Skylights

Perhaps one of the more obvious but certainly most effective, and more expensive, options for increasing the amount of natural light in your home is to increase the number and size of your windows. It is intuitive that larger and well-placed windows will brighten up any interior space. If your walls are already perfect the way they are, you can even consider installing a skylight to take advantage of the illuminating benefits. Skylights have come a long way in recent years, and well-sealed and ventilated skylights can also be useful for controlling the temperature of your home’s interior.

Make sure that your windows are always clean. Otherwise, the larger size will be nullified by the thick layers of sun-blocking dirt! Be sure also to remove foliage or anything that might be obstructing your view. This could include large branches or overgrowth.

It is also essential to choose the right blinds and curtains to balance the amount of natural light that enters a room. Venetian blinds are often one of the best choices as they balance both privacy and sun exposure depending on the needs of the moment.

Man In The Mirror

Studio Couch

Looking at specific and actionable ways of increasing natural light in your home, one of the best and most cost-effective methods is adding more mirrors to your interior spaces. Mirrors serve to reflect the natural light that is already entering your home. This will compound the effect of this lighting and make for a more illuminated space while avoiding having to make any structural adjustments to your home. Find mirrors that suit your tastes and can even add to the aesthetic appeal of a room for a double benefit.

Black Or White

Minimalist Style Home Interior Design

This tip is lower-cost on the natural lighting spectrum, but that does not mean it is not a solid idea. If you want a straightforward way of brightening up your rooms, it might be time to get out the paint rollers. Painting your walls with light and bright colors can serve to illuminate rooms effectively. Lighter colors reflect more light than those darker blues and greens. For best results, consider a whiter shade of pale for your color palette of choice.

For a bonus, try painting your eaves white as well. This will reflect more natural light directly into your house while being discrete and not affecting the exterior look of your home in any significant way.

Light It Up

Natural Lighting

Increasing the amount of natural light in your home is easier than you may have thought, especially if you take the time to plan carefully. You don’t need to spend a fortune or completely remodel your home to bring more light into your home; you need to be creative and to take a measured approach. With a plan in place, you can carry more light into your home and reap some of the incredible benefits that more natural light can bring us all.


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