Super-Efficient Ways to Decorate Your First Apartment


An efficient apartment can also be an incredibly stylish apartment since it doesn’t require extra space or a lot of money to make an apartment look chic. If you’re looking to decorate your first loft or condo, use these efficient tricks to help make the place more stylish.

Living Area

Super Efficient Ways to Decorate Your First Apartment 1

Whether you’re in an open flat or have the luxury of walls to divide your rooms, a main living area will need to be addressed first. You will need a couch that looks good, feels roomy, but it isn’t too big or expensive. A Skylar’s Home and Patio sectional sofa can be a great option for framing your seating area without taking up too much space.

Choose furniture that can be folded up or nestled into itself to save space. Nesting tables can be stored as one piece, and you can slide out tables as needed. Foldable furniture is popular right now, and you can find almost anything, even beds, that can be folded up like origami.

Work Area

Super Efficient Ways to Decorate Your First Apartment 3

Instead of setting up a separate desk, give your kitchen table a dual purpose. Choose a table with a drawer or two that will allow you to store office supplies when not in use. To store printer paper and other items that need to be within reach, utilize vertical shelving to save floor space. If ceilings are high, stack two bookcases to create a library-like shelving wall. For those who don’t want to use their kitchen table for work, a fold-down desk can be a good option. These desks fold up into the wall to the size of a small cabinet when not in use.

Decorate with Function

Super Efficient Ways to Decorate Your First Apartment 2

Your decorating can also serve as storage space. Use attractive storage bins or baskets that fit into your shelves to hide media or other items. To keep your things from becoming cluttered, make sure you include plenty of streamlined storage in every room. Instead of displaying the regular decorations, use shelves to hold useful items.

Sleeping Area

Under-bed storage can be a big help in a small space. Choose a bed with ample room underneath to keep your shoes, extra clothes, and anything else you do not want sitting out in the open. Some beds are even designed with built-in drawers or shelves.

Focus on Natural Light

The essential decorating tool in for every apartment is natural light. Focus on where the most light comes in, and keep that area free of clutter. Enhance the light by adding mirrors to the adjacent walls. Light will make any area seem bigger, cleaner (unless you really need to dust!), and more attractive, so avoid heavy curtains if possible.

Decorating a new apartment doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking or expense. Use utility furniture and smart storage-saving ideas to make your apartment decorations work for you.

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