Swimming Pools Designs: Choose One According to the Utility, Activity and Budget

On July 27, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

If you want to add a spark and some innovative designs to your old swimming pool, or if you want to remodel your pool, then you can choose from oval, square-shaped, star-shaped and even small rectangular designs. Depending on the dimension of the pool area and for whom the pool needs to be constructed, you can choose the pool designs. For instance, you can choose a normal rectangular design for the adults, but you can add more toys, fun balls and artificial cartoon characters around an oval-shaped pool, if you want to design the pool for children.

Swimming Pool

Pool Design According To Places:

  • A pool is used at a number of places such as hotels where it creates an area for recreational activity or for health activity for the guests.
  • There are clubs where a pool is made for teaching swimming to members and their families.
  • There are many schools and colleges where it is created to generate the interests of the students in swimming as well as providing them with a medium for physical activity also.
  • There are also spa centers where the swimming facility is provided and hence they also keep a pool.

 There are a number of societies and clubs also that provides the members with a common pool facility for swimming.

Swimming Pool Design The Common Designs:

  • Usually the prominence of a pool depends on its size. For amateurs, a small pool of lesser depth is good while for professionals there are Olympic sized pools that can help them hone their swimming skills better.
  • Usually the shape of a standard pool is rectangular with a slanting surface where on the one end there is maximum depth while on the other end it is shallow.
  • This helps the learners to learn swimming without fear. Nowadays, there are various pool designs creatively designed by architects and civil engineers.
  • Round as well as zigzag pool designs can also be seen at various places. There are various public pools as well as private pools.
  • The children’s pool is smaller in size. Private pool-designs are usually as per the choice of the owner and public pools are a bit deeper and longer than other pools. 

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

The Importance of Pool Design:

The importance of the pool design depends on a number of factors which are as follows:

  • Utility: The utility of the pool is the primary factor that affects the design. If the pool is for a school where students need to learn the swimming and practice to participate in competitions, it can have such a design where helps develop the stamina of swimmers. Similarly, if it is for members of a club then the facilities are majorly affected by the pool design and swimming amenities. If the pool is to be used by public it can be of large size but if it is for private use than it can be of a medium size with just 1 or 2 meter of depth.
  • Ownership: The ownership of a pool is another factor that affects its design. In public utility where the club or government or any other agency is the owner it needs to have safer designs while for a private use one can choose from eclectic designs as per personal preference. For instance, pool designs are generally not much intricate in case of rooftop pools in large housing complexes.
  • Intended activity: If swimming is the primary activity then the length and depth of the pool carry more weight rather than a beautiful design but if it is to be used for the recreational activities then it must be of a great design to fill one’s mind and heart with great delight.

There are a number of companies who can help you to find the perfect pool designs for your home or if you own a resort. In better cases, you can also browse through some designs from the internet.

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