03rd Aug
6 Exciting Ways to Decorate Your Home

6 Exciting Ways to Decorate Your Home

Some of us are born with an excellent eye for design or decorating. Some people learn skills and can apply them successfully. Some people don’t have much ability for design; few basic techniques can make their home decorating task easy. These techniques are decorating principles and rules which are simple enough that you can easily […]

31st Jul

50 Simple Gahuli Designs | DIY Festival Décor Ideas

Gahuli plays an important role in Jain religion. It is a special design made by rice in on the bench or wooden table in front of god. Many Jain people make this rangoli during special days like “Paryushan”, “Samaiya”, “Chaturmas Pravesh”, “Diksha”, “Tirthankar’s Kalyanak” etc. They make this rangoli to show their feeling (bhavna) towards […]

04th Sep

Tips For Availing Services Of Superior Contemporary Painting

When it comes to decorating your interiors, you try out different decorative things to enhance the elegance and beauty of your house or office. Incorporating artworks into the interiors have been in fashion since ancient times. It is believed as a sign of love for artwork when there is a significant piece of painting in your interiors. Besides not only that stylising your interiors with exclusive services of superior contemporary painting calls in for attention from your visitors as well.

23rd Aug
5 Best Living Room Décor Ideas

5 Best Living Room Décor Ideas

The living room is that part of the house that gets everyone’s attention. It is visited by guests and by all the family members as well. How you decorate your living room tells a lot about your living room and personal choice; therefore, decorating your living room in the best way and keeping everything trendy is a must. Here we have five of the best living room décor ideas for you. Have a look: