03rd Feb
2020 Tips and Tricks for Your Best Bathroom Remodel Yet

2020 Tips and Tricks for Your Best Bathroom Remodel Yet

Thinking about finally doing that bathroom remodel you’ve been putting off? Now’s the time—especially if you’re planning on putting your house on the market this year. The fact is that bathroom remodels can help increase home value by 2-3 percent, which can make them a very worthwhile improvement project.

25th Apr

Home Improvements You Can Do To Save On Water Bills

Water is crucial not only for survival but also for making life easier. Water is necessary in agriculture, manufacturing, medicine, transportation, and all aspects of human life. Fortunately, three-fourths of the Earth surface is water. Unfortunately, only 2.5 percent is freshwater, and the majority of it is stored in polar ice caps and glaciers, with […]

30th Mar
Old Home Renovations: 4 Updates To Make This Spring And Summer

Old Home Renovations: 4 Updates To Make This Spring And Summer

Your old home needs a few updates to give it that fresh rejuvenated home feel. It looks like this year; you will be doing a lot of work to achieve this end goal. This is good because it means you take pride in your home to keep up on what is essential. The following are four updates you might want to get around to completing in the spring and summer months.

23rd May

From Outdated To Indoor Oasis: The Benefits Of A Bathroom Remodel

From carpeted shower areas to faded brass knobs reflecting chipped tile, an outdated bathroom speaks volumes about the value and overall aesthetic of the home. Far surpassing the usual home focal points (kitchens and living rooms) in functionality, the bathroom is arguably the most important room of the house as it is where you prepare […]

25th Jan
Tantalizing Tile

Tantalizing Tile: 3 Reasons Your Bathroom Remodel Needs Tiling Too

There are people who will try to convince you that tile floors are “out” and that wood flooring is now the top choice for installing in all rooms including bathrooms. While there are certainly some positives to wood flooring in the bathroom, tile is clearly a superior choice for most bathrooms, particularly full bathrooms that […]

20th Sep

7 Excellent Tips You Must Know to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Design

Those who desire to build a fantastic house often forget the value of having compelling interiors installed inside it. From drawing room to living room to bedroom, everything looks brilliant, but then what about the space that you explore when you want to take a shower and feel relaxed? Yes, the crux here is the […]