29th Dec
Cleaning Up The House Quickly After Holidays

Cleaning Up The House Quickly After Holidays

Don’t you love this time of the year when everything around you is so jolly and decorated, and people are in a festive mood? Ah, yes, the magic of Christmas stays long after it is over. But more joyful days await us as we are slowly getting ready for celebrating New Year’s Eve! And that […]

14th May

Downgrading The Five Biggest Child-Made Cleaning Disasters

From soft clay in your carpets to IFO’s (identified floating objects) in your bathtubs, there are no shortages of natural disasters your bundles of joy can cause in your homes. You can dress it up in princess or cowboys suits all you want, even the smallest children can make the biggest, most aggravating messes. Our […]

11th Jun
Clever Ways To Choose The Right Sink For Your Bathroom

Clever Ways to Choose the Right Sink for Your Bathroom

There is only so much space to work with in your bathroom. Whether you’re a first home buyer or an experienced homeowner, knowing what appliances will be the correct style and appropriate size can be difficult. In bathrooms, there is very little room to move and changing the positioning of fittings and appliances can be […]