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Transform your Home with Salt Lamp

Transform Your Home With Salt Lamp

If you’re looking for the fancy room ideas with the touch of elegance on Instagram or Pinterest, you might have noticed one unique décor item on the side table of the bed or at the corner side of the room. A Himalayan Salt Lamp is beautifully glowing while radiating good vibes. This Himalayan Salt crystal is carefully excavated, so a light bulb can fit in it - allowing light to pass through it to give a reddish-pink glow all over the space.
Five Salt Lamps for Home Décor in 2017

Five Salt Lamps for Home Décor in 2017

The salt has a unique color owing to the presence of numerous trace elements. The pinkish-white tint to an orange-red. This color, when the lamp lights up, provides an ethereal glow to the room. The light not only looks pleasing to the décor of the room, but it also exudes a calmness that puts one at peace.