04th Dec
4 Things You’ll Need for DIY Home Renovation Projects

4 Things You’ll Need for DIY Home Renovation Projects

A home renovating project is both exciting and challenging. One of the most important tasks to get prepared before starting the actual work. As you plan a schedule and budget for the project along with the order in which tasks will be completed, don’t forget to organize your prep work by purchasing supplies and renting equipment that will be needed.

07th Aug
How Would The Hottest Décor Trends Look In The Simpsons’ House?

How Would The Hottest Décor Trends Look In The Simpsons’ House?

Some things in life a certain: death, taxes, and the position of the stains on the Simpsons’ carpets. But there are plenty of things you can change if you put your mind to it. Updating your home décor now and then is a great way to keep up with the times (if not the Joneses) […]

26th Feb
How To Properly Hang Wallpaper

How To Properly Hang Wallpaper

Installing a wallpaper can definitely make a huge impact on any room, though it also depends on the colour and the design you choose. As walls and corners aren’t often aligned, don’t rely on them as a guide when you hang the wallpaper. Where To Start: Ideally, you should start at the corner and hang […]

22nd Dec

10 Best DIY Garden Decor Ideas

Gardens have been a necessary part of people’s homes since the dawn of civilization. Once a privilege of kings and emperors, today they are accessible to anybody who has some spare space around his or hers house. However, equipping a garden with necessary accessories can be traumatizing to your wallet. Here are top 10 best […]

12th Dec
6 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas To Welcome Winter

6 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas To Welcome Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and you’re probably already thinking of ways to decorate your home. To celebrate Christmas, you are perhaps over those greens and the reds of Christmas décor and want to try out something more. Using white, silver, and gold are appropriate options, and keeping things simple is the best way to avoid tackiness here are DIY home décor ideas.

05th Oct
5 DIY Decorating Ideas to Energise Your Home

5 DIY Decorating Ideas to Energise Your Home

Your home has a tight connection with you. If you are in a bad mood, your home will get a negative vibe. However, if you feel a little dull these days, the reason might be the room decorations. So, now it is a good time to do a makeover on a budget. The following 5 […]

17th Jul
Easily make Thread Ball Lamp featured Thumb

Easily make Thread Ball Lamp

Moving to a new unfurnished apartment can be very stressful and expensive when you are on a low budget. As a student, just recently I had that experience and believe me, it’s not fun at all. Anyway, somehow I managed to furnish my apartment. However, there was something bothering me so much, the pendant lights. […]

08th Jul
DIY- Wardrobe arrangement featured Thumb

DIY- Wardrobe Arrangement

A fabulous wardrobe arrangement can make your life a lot easier, more spacious and customized for ease of access. On the other hand, a messy closet is not only depressing but does just what its title dictates; messes up your daily routine. Did you know that nothing adds up to your messy wardrobe more than […]

05th Jul
Easy kitchen Hacks

Easy kitchen Hacks

Save time and get more organized while cooking It is a big hassle to work in a least organized kitchen. It even consumes maximum of your time to prepare a good meal. Moreover for some people it is the most hateful place where they have to cook. An organized kitchen makes your cooking experience more […]

03rd Jul
Origami - Introduction

Origami – Introduction

Origami Art Shell Origami is an art of paper folding derived from two Japanese words. ‘ORI’ to mean fold and ‘KAMI’ to mean paper. The both of them combined, form the full work ‘Origami.’ This exceptional form of art has greatly impacted on today’s designs especially in the architecture arena. With its distinctive and flexible […]

01st Jul

Creative Craft Ideas For Kids

Creating a craft is more fun and creative. Kids can learn a lot by creating crafts. By practicing creative activities, it fastens their brain development. They can be more artistic and creative. Doctors say they become very naive and good in mathematics by doing creative activities. There are many ways and techniques to practice creative […]