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Paint Colors That Can Boost Your Home's Value

Paint Colors That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Paint is one of the most effective at changing a space. But one should carefully choose which colors he is opting for as the right color can make a small room look big and a wrong selection can make a big room look small. For this reason, it is always a great idea to prioritize things.
Essential Tips For Painting Your Home's Exterior

Essential Tips For Painting Your Home’s Exterior

When you drive down a residential street, do you ever give any thought to how those homes got their various colors and the process that went into choosing them? Many people don’t think that much about their home's exterior color and spend a lot more time thinking about their interior walls and the combinations of colors they can use in the house's various rooms. While interior painting offers a lot of chances to display creative flair, your home’s exterior shouldn’t be any less important.