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Why Place Fish Tank In Wealth And Abundance Area?

Why Place Fish Tank In Wealth And Abundance Area?

Feng Shui is an art through which you can place things and construct your home and office or any building structure in such a way that it brings prosperity, positive energy, fame, and success. The Bagua, which is the Feng Shui map, which helps in the placement of things etc. is an essential thing to construct. The Feng Shui map is placed on the career area, which is at the front entry to the home.
Feng Shui Tips for Location of the Fish Tank At Home

Feng Shui Tips For Location Of The Fish Tank At Home

Feng Shui is the art of placing things in the home, such as enhancing as well as keep the chi or energy moving. Stagnant energy means stagnant life. There is Bagua or the Feng Shui map which helps to know which area of the bagua of each room falls into.