01st Mar
Transform your Home with Salt Lamp

Transform Your Home With Salt Lamp

If you’re looking for some of the fancy rooms ideas with the touch of elegance on Instagram or Pinterest right now, you might have notice one unique décor item on the side table of the bed or at the corner side of the room: A Himalayan Salt Lamp beautifully glowing while radiating good vibes. I’m sure most […]

09th Mar
Five Salt Lamps for Home Décor in 2017

Five Salt Lamps for Home Décor in 2017

Hey! all interior designers, home décor maniacs, and enthusiastic moms! There are salt lamps available in the market in various shapes and sizes etc. The salt lamp is made of the pink mineral salt extracted from the Salt Mines at the foothills of the Himalayan Range. The salt has a unique color owing to the […]