29th Dec
5 Vital Safety Inspections To Have Before You Buy A New Home

Home Inspection Tips For First Time Home Buyers

So you’re in the market to purchase a new home. Buying your first house is always exciting, but can also be overwhelming and stressful, mainly if you don’t do all your necessary due diligence beforehand. A home inspection is something that is very important and necessary for new home buyers, and these tips will show […]

05th Jun
Exterior Renovation: How to Upgrade Your Home's Facade

Exterior Renovation: How to Upgrade Your Home’s Facade

There are hundreds of different ways to enhance the appearance of your home, but many of those options won’t increase the value of your property by very much. When carrying out any upgrade, it is important to consider what the return on investment will be. Here is a look at four quick and easy ways […]

22nd Jun
New Place Blues: What To Have Inspected Before Moving In

New Place Blues: What to Have Inspected Before Moving In

Moving into a new home is exciting, and you have so many things to think. How will you arrange the furniture? Will you paint the walls a new shade? There are so many ways that you can personalise your home to fit your style. One thing that you do not want to have to deal […]