03rd Jul
Interior Painting Tips - Dos and Don’ts

Interior Painting Tips – Dos and Don’ts

Interior Painting is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of any room. Unlike in exteriors, it’s less of a risk to choose bolder colors for the look of your room because it’s easier and cheaper to change it up. But most people underestimate and overlook so many things when it’s time to […]

22nd Jun

Select The Right Paint For Your Home

Which color attire would suit me? Is this color modish? Is it enhancing my beauty? These questions never end when you are looking for dresses. You are so choosy in buying apparels that forget about party wears even while buying tees you search myriad options online. So, how come you could satiate yourself with any […]

08th Dec
6 Practical Interior Painting Tips

6 Practical Interior Painting Tips

For professional painting results, you might want to start by cleaning the walls. If not done, the paint will not stick well to the wall. That’s why it is best to remove all grease and dust from the surface before work commences. Dampen a cloth in a soapy solution and rub it against the wall. Want to know how to make your interior painting project a huge success? Check out these interior painting tips.

06th Jun
English Based Color Design – Part 3

English Based Color Design – Part 3

In the modern-day world, Interior designs are just as crucial as the necessary foundation of the house in itself. When we use the term interior designs, it is inclusive of anything from a subtle, contemporary style with the use of classy, elegant furniture, beautiful antiques, smart space management, and proper use of colors to enhance its interiors. The last one of all is the key point of “color” based on interior designs.

04th Jun
English Based Color Design – Part 2

English Based Color Design – Part 2

It’s the most fundamental and essential attributes that one discovers while beginning to learn about the colors and its usage, especially when you are planning to design the interiors of your house, workplace, or the little treehouse of your kid that got you knackered to the point of being jaded.

03rd Jun
English Based Color Design – Part 2

English Based Color Design

We know colors a personal thing taking into account one’s tastes, likes, and dislikes; their home could be made aesthetic and, of course, with a professional’s guidance all along the way would come in handy to master perfection. Usually, colors give the best first impression of the person residing inside it. Bright, bold use of color shows that he/she is passionate, highly energetic, hep, and adventurous; they attend even the daily household chores with a great deal of enthusiasm and chirpiness.

08th Apr

Window Sill Cushioned Seats an Add On Beautiful Space

An expression about the window sill cushioned seats and how beautiful space they can become. There were times when windows were considered as a thing which house has to have for ventilation but otherwise goes unnoticed. But with a little bit of creativity, you can turn the window sill in a functional and beautiful piece of furniture and add on lovely space for the family to relax by the window.

26th Aug

Techniques of How to Paint Walls: Part 1

There was a time when walls of rooms were bland and lackluster. Wall painting adds to wall and to home depth and texture and enhance room decorating scheme. Here are some techniques of how to paint walls which are easy to do and will result in spectacular looking walls. Color Washing: The painting technique of […]

23rd Aug

Yellowish Color Schemes for Living Room

Colors are part of our life and it makes us alive, happy, and sad. In other words, it affects our emotions and way of thinking. Having colors in a room must be well thought of to make your home exciting. Each color represents a sensation, feeling and one’s state of mind. In fact, when we […]