04th Oct
Seamlessly Unique Ways To Merge Your Home's Interior With Its Exterior

Seamlessly Unique Ways To Merge Your Home’s Interior With Its Exterior

Interior and exterior design are separate words on paper, but in reality, are as fit for one another as the sun and the moon. Just so, merging the two within your home improvement plan could be the most cost-effective way of extending your square footage. Working from the inside out, keep an eye open for […]

13th Mar

Home Decorators: 5 Ways to Modernize and Liven up Your Home

Your home may be rather traditional and a little plain. You really want to modernize some of the elements and make your rooms come alive. There are several ways and means in which to accomplish this, and some of these may include the following changes and/or additions: Color Your walls may be a standard off-white […]

21st Oct
6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Luxury Villa Look More Elegant

6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Luxury Villa Look More Elegant

Villas are known for their luxurious and elegant looks and they can show this elegance in a variety of ways. Some villas have sprawling gardens while others have vineyards. In these spaces, there is room for the individual taste to shine through and to make your villa look more elegant. With that in mind, here […]

18th Nov
A Blast from the Past: 8 Classy Ways to Add a Victorian Touch to Your Modern Home

A Blast From The Past: 8 Classy Ways To Add A Victorian Touch To Your Modern Home

Everybody loves the sad and wistful feeling that nostalgia brings. In the case of interior design, many homeowners desire to incorporate classic Victorian charm in their modern abodes. They want a perfect blend of the old and the new. If you’re planning to adorn your condo or house with vintage themes, here are some design inspirations from the Victorian era that you’ll surely find useful.