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Modern origami décor

Modern origami décor

Origami is an ancient traditional Japanese art of transforming paper sheet into a unique sculpture. Before it was limited only into creating paper crafts...
Origami - Introduction

Origami – Introduction

Origami is an art of paper folding derived from two Japanese words. ‘ORI’ to mean fold and ‘KAMI’ to mean paper. Both of them combined, form the full work ‘ Origami.’ This exceptional form of art has significantly impacted today’s designs, especially in the architecture arena. With its distinctive and flexible nature, artists around the world have been much inspired to incorporate Origami to their design templates. While Origami is commonly made by folding paper on flat surfaces, some people prefer to do it in the air. Interior design with no exceptions has applied origami designs from the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and even the bedroom areas.