16th May
Which Is The Best Pool Lighting?

Advantages Of Building A Swimming Pool

In today’s fast-paced and stressful life, one needs to unwind from time to time. Rising work hours and limited off days have made it essential that recreational activities come to you rather than you going after them! In such a scenario, one of the best recreational activities can be enjoyed right in your backyard. To […]

19th Apr

Swimming Pool Maintenance – Is It So Important?

As a swimming pool owner, if you want a pool that is safe, good and hygienic and shines like a diamond, there’s a few things you must know about swimming pool maintenance. Swimming Pool Maintenance is quite essential. First you need to take care of water circulation. Think of your pool as a large bucket […]

20th Mar

DIY Pool Installation – A Disaster in the Making?

Installing a pool – how hard could it be? All you have to do is to dig a hole in your backyard and then get the pool shell delivered. Why pay a local pool company all that money when it is so easy to do it yourself? Especially after the koi pond you made turned […]

21st Feb
Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing Service

Tips To Seek Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing Service

A pool is a place that helps you unwind after dealing with a hectic week. Many families have lasting memories during summers by the poolside. But have you ever observed your pool losing charm due to wear and tear? If yes, do not lose your cool. They are many ways of getting your pool back to life by seeking a fiberglass pool resurfacing service.

18th Feb
Swimming Pool Water Color - Creating Your Dream Oasis

Home Design – How To Design The Perfect Basement Swimming Pool

It’s not uncommon for people to expand their homes into their attic space, typically used for additional bedrooms, entertainment rooms or gyms. Still, the newly popular trend of converting the basement area allows for an even more flexible range of uses. Your basement is the ideal location to build the ultimate home luxury, an indoor […]

14th Nov
Which Is The Best Pool Lighting?

4 Reasons To Invest In Adding A Swimming Pool To Your Property

A swimming pool is a good addition to a home if one is thinking of improving their home and their property value. Although adding a swimming pool is expensive and sometimes very tedious, when it comes to construction, look for an affordable and reputable to handle the construction. A company like Melbourne Pools offers affordable […]

04th Aug

Make Your Swimming Pool Look The Most Attractive

Can you think of a swimming pool as the most attractive place in your house? Yes, it is very much possible, and you will find that your guests are enjoying the furniture on the deck and walk around the pool. The pool can get a new look if the damages are repaired, and the stains are removed from the pool. It is essential to maintain the pool as the temperature soars; you can plunge into a swimming pool for ultimate refreshment.

01st Jul
What Specifications Are Needed When Installing A Pool At Home

What Specifications Are Needed When Installing A Pool At Home?

Installing a pool in your backyard allows you to enjoy the cool and refreshing experience any time you want. A backyard pool is also a great place to exercise and relax on a hot day. It will be a natural gathering place for your friends and family, too. Before the work begins, be sure that […]

03rd Nov
4 Keys to Keeping Your Newly Installed Pool Clean and Safe

4 Keys to Keeping Your Newly Installed Pool Clean and Safe

After you install your pool, you want to make sure it’s kept clean and safe for those who swim in the water. There are a few different ways that you can help to ensure that the pool stays just as new as it is the day that it’s installed. Make sure you have a long skimmer so that you can remove the leaves and other debris in the water as well as chemicals that are needed to keep the pH of the water balanced.