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What To Look For In A Home Energy Monitor?

What To Look For In A Home Energy Monitor?

Smart home energy monitoring systems take things a step further by monitoring and observing minute-by-minute patterns in how energy is utilized in the house, such as disconnecting the toaster after breakfast and upgrading to an energy-efficient refrigerator. Having such a vital tool available 24 hours can help your family make better decisions and minimize your energy consumption.
Great Apps To Transform An Old Home Into A Smart Home

Things That Can Transform Your Home Into A Super Smart Home

Smart Homes, coupled with IoT, is invariably making lives more comfortable. Imagine switching on your TV, using your smartphone, the curtains of your window moving just with a press of a button, the coffee maker starting on its own as per the set timing, and preparing your coffee, even before you are out of bed. A few years back, these things were only a part of our imagination, but today thanks to IoT, life has become comfortable and convenient.