03rd Nov
Great Apps To Transform An Old Home Into A Smart Home

Great Apps To Transform An Old Home Into A Smart Home

Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and our lives are being transformed by it on an almost daily basis. Being in sync with the times takes perhaps more effort than ever. A year ago, I bought a house from an elderly couple. The only modern feature it came with was a weak wifi connection. […]

10th Sep
Must Know Things Before Installing Motorized Window Shades

Must Know Things Before Installing Motorized Window Shades

As the popularity of motorized shading systems continues to grow due to advance in technology, it is important to know some features of the appliance. Just before now, controlling window shades used to be unattractive, loud, and often glitchy. The advancement in the control protocols and the motor component alongside improved form factor has brought […]

25th Jul

The 5 Best Smart Home Hub Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2018

Since the 1980s, homeowners have been taking advantage of advance home devices and appliances to make their life more comfortable and safer, with examples such as the programmable thermostat and wired alarm systems still being widely used today. However, these technologies are rapidly becoming a thing of the past as smart home devices get more […]

14th Jul

Just Do It: 5 Remodeling and Designing Ideas Your House Needs For 2017

Next to fashion, another field that follows trends and discoveries, is interior designing. This area includes home design or remodeling. Designing for a new big house for a family of six, or remodeling an apartment for a solo flight, either way, people who do the job follows the trends that are present in whatever list […]

26th Oct

6 Smart Home Technologies in Modern Homes

Smart homes are the new rave in real estate. smart homes are drawing a huge following of consumers who value convenience, style, and efficiency. With the rapid expansion of Internet connectivity, the real estate industry and advanced home devices have been trying to keep up with the fast-evolving technology landscape. Smart home technology can be a decisive factor in selling real estate.

29th Jun
5 Devices That Will Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

5 Devices that will Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Even though this trend is still in its infancy, more and more people decide to turn their homes into smart homes. Luckily, today there are many different products you can get that will make your home a little bit smarter. We are talking about devices that let you control the temperature, lighting, and alarms in your home. There are many gadgets like this, and we have singled out 5 of them you should check out.