05th Jul
How to Get Your Domestic Air Conditioner Cleaned

How to Get Your Domestic Air Conditioner Cleaned?

Home air conditioners demand periodic cleaning, especially after the warranty period is over. When you need to clean the mesh filters in Windows AC, you need to do the same in split AC too. The only difference is in the way you take out the filters, find their dimensions, and reinsert or fit them in the machine. In this way, all the things that need to be done for home AC match on another in some way.

23rd Aug

Things That You Mind It While You Decide On Split System Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is installed in almost all humid and warm places and has become a necessity for every home. We tend to research a lot before investing in anything. Air Conditioner is almost like a lifetime investment as we don’t change it now and then. There Are Different Types Of Air Conditioners Available In The Market: