29th Mar
A Comprehensive Guide To Swimming Pool Water Feature

A Comprehensive Guide To Swimming Pool Water Feature

Something is captivating about moving water. The motion is calming, soothing and thrilling. A swimming pool that has a water feature installed looks impressive. Whether you are planning to invest in a new swimming pool or already have an existing pool, installing a pool water feature will add unique features and ambiance to your pool. […]

19th Mar
A Complete Guide For Swimming Pool Domes

A Complete Guide For Swimming Pool Domes

Nothing can beat the idea of owning your swimming pool during summer. Having an oasis in your backyard is indeed a dream come true! It not only advances the appearance of your house but it also increases its value as well. However, to fully enjoy your swimming pool you should improvise it by adding a […]

27th Feb
Swimming Pool Water Color - Creating Your Dream Oasis

Swimming Pool Water Color – Creating Your Dream Oasis

A pool’s color can have a significant impact on its appeal. It can not only transform the visual effect but also influence the overall pool design. The color of your pool plays a substantial role in improving the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. With ambiance and aesthetic appeal as a priority for many homeowners, you […]

18th Feb
Swimming Pool Water Color - Creating Your Dream Oasis

Home Design – How To Design The Perfect Basement Swimming Pool

It’s not uncommon for people to expand their homes into their attic space, typically used for additional bedrooms, entertainment rooms or gyms, but the newly popular trend of converting the basement area allows for an even more flexible range of uses. Your basement is the ideal location to build the ultimate home luxury, an indoor […]

01st Sep
Trends In Pool Design

Trends In Pool Design

Swimming pools have been around for an extended time and play a vital part in realizing the American vision. In fact, earliest information of swimming pools goes back more than 5,000 years, according to archaeological conclusions. Design trends develop constantly as new materials, technology, and pool features arrive on the market. You now have more […]

13th Jul

What You Need to Know Before Buying an In-Ground Pool

I’m sure you all stare longingly at large bodies of water when it’s so hot outside and you can’t cool off, I know I do. If you live hundreds of miles from the ocean or swimming lake, you have probably considered having a swimming pool built in your garden and I for one think it’s […]

27th Jul
Swimming Pools Designs

Swimming Pools Designs: Choose One According to the Utility, Activity and Budget

If you want to add a spark and some innovative designs to your old swimming pool, or if you want to remodel your pool, then you can choose from oval, square-shaped, star-shaped and even small rectangular designs. Depending on the dimension of the pool area and for whom the pool needs to be constructed, you […]