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Bring "Tulsi" At Your Balcony Garden, Bring Healthiness

Bring “Tulsi” at Your Balcony Garden, Bring Healthiness

Balcony Gardens are always a blessing to the city people as these leaves and living silent creatures create quite a new energetic, and healthier atmosphere in their lives. Various plants are medically and naturally quite useful and beneficial for the people. One such preferred and the prioritized plant is “Tulsi,” which also is known as Basil leaves. Here, in the article, we are discussing the health and other benefits.

Vastu Shastra’s Garden Layout Tips

The concept of Vastu Shastra in the present-day world is a natural science. Going into the technical designs for the entire infrastructure of the house could be a difficult thing to do, but giving a section of your home a complete makeover regarding the Vastu format is a cakewalk, which results in all-round well-being and prosperity of the residents of the house.
Good Luck Plants For Your Home

Good Luck Plants For Your Home

Good luck plants are part of home décor as well as of the garden. Good luck, plants are supposed to bring good fortune. In India, the plant of Tulsi is considered to be very auspicious as it brings positive energy and auspiciousness to home. Planting a Tulsi in the courtyard is considered very important. Also, there are lucky bamboo plants.