27th Mar
Tips For A Private Workplace Where Employees Can Focus

Tips For A Private Workplace Where Employees Can Focus

For years we heard about the value of the open office space. The primary design concepts of these open spaces were shared work areas, and limited private areas or offices. Now, as a result of the trend, around 70 percent of all offices have an open floor plan. This is increasingly a problem for employers […]

26th Oct
Penna: A Typewriter Styled Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

Penna: A Typewriter Styled Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

Imagine a retro gadget with the most up-to-date technology ever! While there are still some hipsters who use the traditional typewriters, but most of us find using them an extremely cumbersome experience. We had been craving to get a classy and stylish keyboard for a long time, but when we didn’t get one, we, at […]

02nd Aug

Office-Design Trends to Supercharge Your Workspace

Workspace design nowadays plays an important role when it comes to the corporate world. Not only does it reflect the workforce culture of a company, but it also influences satisfaction, efficiency and sustainability of employees. Many businesses have come to a conclusion that office ergonomics is of great importance in reaching peak productivity. According to […]

04th Apr

Reorganize Your Work Desk

Keep Your Work Desk-Body Cholesterol-Free Cholesterol is one of the most dangerous diseases of these days. The “extra fat” plays vital role in increasing bad cholesterol in our body. But, in few cases, the problem is not restricted only to body. Some desks are overflowed with the unnecessary “fats” of stuffs and if we do […]

15th Jan
Concept Office Furniture

Interiors of Workplace Matters a Lot

A workplace has to be high on aesthetics. There is importance of the modern and well designed workspace. Today professionals are spending most of their time at the work and this is the reason why the organizations and the management have to design a workplace which suits the needs of the employees. Also the workplace […]