Tank Vs Tankless Water Heater: Which One Should I Choose?


Tank Vs Tankless Water Heater

Among all household appliances, a water heater is a significant and costly investment. Also, the largest portion of your electricity bills comes from heating the water. Therefore, you shouldn’t just choose any water heater because it could greatly influence your electricity bills. Aside from this, your daily chores can also get affected if you have chosen the wrong water heater. So when you’re out to buy a new water heater or replace the old one, you will have to choose the model that matches your needs. Factors such as costs, durability, and efficiency must be considered while choosing a water heater. When you’re done choosing the type you want, always rely on experienced plumbers San Jose for a professional and proper installment.

Homeowners usually see two main equipment types: tank and tankless water heater; they have to buy a water heater. Many people also face the dilemma of deciding on which one is best for them. If you want to choose the right water heater for your home, you will need to know the pros and cons each comes with.

Below we have gathered all essential points you should consider to decide on which one is best for you: 

Before we start with the pros and cons, let’s understand the basics of each one.

Tank Water Heater

Tank water heaters, also known as traditional water heaters, have been used in most homes for a long time from the past. This type heats water and stores its reservoir so that it can be used when required. Available in different sizes, a typical tank has the capacity to hold 30-50 gallons of water. You can choose a size according to high or low scale demands you have when it comes to hot water needs. Tank water heater involves the use of electricity or fuel to heat water. If the model is a fuel-powered water heater, it may use oil or natural gas.

Pros Of Installing Tank-Type Water Heater

  • When compared with tank-less water heaters, they are low-maintenance. So they don’t require frequent water heater repairs and maintenance services. Choosing a design type that doesn’t need much maintenance can cut down on your water heater repair San Jose costs. With this type, you can save up money in the long run.
  • The initial installation cost of tank water is lesser than tankless water heaters. The price for both installation and cost will range between 1000$-1500$.
  • Because their installation is simple, they don’t involve many complications in their installation.

Cons Of Tank Tank-Type Water Heater

  • For people who have space restrictions, the tank model might not be an ideal choice. Tank model water heaters need much more space for installation.
  • Tank water heater typically lasts 10-15 years, while tankless water heater has a service life of 20-30 years, meaning they can last almost double the lifespan of a tank water heater.
  • The replacement cost of a tank-type water heater is higher than the tankless model.

Tankless Water Heater

Unlike tank-type water heater that stores heated water beforehand, they will heat water on demand. This means once you turn on the tap to call for hot water, it will heat water and move it to the desired outlet. They are also powered by gas or electricity.

Pros Of Installing Tankless Water Heater

  • They require less space for installation so that they can be easily installed in compact areas.
  • When it comes to energy efficiency, they can save more energy than a tank water heater can.
  • They are ideal for you if you have instant hot water needs.

Cons Of Installing Tankless Water Heater

  • They don’t give enough hot water when you need to meet multiple requirements. For example, if you want to use dishwater and shower both at a time, you may fall short on hot water.
  • Although they are energy-efficient, their purchase cost is higher than the storage water heater. 

Once you have weighed down all pros and cons, you will be able to choose a suitable water heater. No matter what type you choose at the end, don’t ignore important maintenance scheduling. Just like drains need regular drain cleaning, San Jose services to avoid plumbing problems, preventative water heater maintenance, and inspection are crucial for extending the water heater model’s lifespan and effective operation. 

Using a tankless water heater can reduce these costs by up to 50 percent, for an average annual savings of $80. They are durable and less likely to fail, causing potentially catastrophic flooding in your home. Tankless units have an average lifespan of about twice that of conventional water heaters — 20 years or more.

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