Tapestry Ideas For Decorating Your Home Interior



If you want to spruce up your home, using a tapestry is a perfect idea. It is one of the most versatile items for home decoration, and it can change or improve your home’s appearance to give it the beauty and elegance you desire.

Choosing The Right Tapestries For Your Home

Before you start the decoration process, make sure you have the right tapestry for your house. Tapestries differ in terms of design, size, and shape.

You can choose either a small, medium, or large tapestry with either circular, rectangular, or square shape. Pick the ones that complement the room’s theme and match the surrounding furniture.

New Tapestry

Consider the imagery and symbols too. For example, if you want a room that appears loud and colorful, choose tapestries that have vibrant symbols and designs. On the other hand, if you want a relaxed environment, you can select tapestries with simple or plain designs.

For example, a tapestry depicting the Great Wave off Kanagawa is a great way to add elegance and intrigue to the room. It is a handy piece of craftsmanship by a Japanese artist called Hokusai, and it represents a unique image of three boats in the middle of the rough sea. This piece of art has a soothing blend of color and details. With it, you can add a touch of nature to your home.

The texture and knotting techniques of tapestries also differ. While most tapestries are made by weaving and knitting, others combine clove hitch and reef knots to produce sophisticated patterns like the macramé tapestries. These pieces have tassels and a free-flowing feel to them. If you want to add a pop of personality, you can choose a heavy tapestry with thick texture and weaving.

Lastly, the color choice is important too. Bold hues will make your home feel warm and welcoming, while muted colors will give your space a more serious and sophisticated look.

Contemporary Tapestry

Whether you pick a bohemian, mandala, medieval, or contemporary tapestry, your choice should depend on where you want to use it and how. Decide in advance what look you want to achieve. Knowing your ultimate objective before starting the process makes the exercise simple and fun.

Here are a few ideas for decorating your space with tapestries:

  1. Hang It On The Wall

Hanging a tapestry on the wall from the ceiling can instantly transform your home’s feel and look. Tapestries are unique pieces of fabric that serve as great alternatives to traditional paintings and wallpapers. The beauty of using tapestries is that they cover up a lot of space on your wall and are consequently more economical than those paintings and wallpapers.

Tapestry Wall Hangings

Another way to decorate your walls with a tapestry is to frame and fix them on the wall. Stretch the tapestry in a board or a wooden frame and then secure it on the wall with staple guns or tacks. A tapestry wall frame adds a pop of personal touch to the room.

A tapestry is multifaceted, and it gives you endless possibilities when decorating your home. Find innovative ways to hang the tapestry on your wall to decorate your home.

  1. Tapestry As Curtains

Tapestry curtains can help block too much light from coming into your rooms, and it introduces a sense of privacy. In addition to barring light, tapestry curtains are also an ingenious way of adding color and beauty to your home interior.

Tapestry Curtains

These pieces of fabric can elevate your living space from ordinary to sensational. The best thing about using tapestries is that they are stylish and more durable as they are made from thicker fabrics, and they are easy to wash, too. You can use them on both doors and windows.

You may transform your tapestry into curtains yourself or buy ready-made tapestry curtains from a store. When picking a tapestry for curtains, consider one that reflects your character in your decor choices.

  1. Furniture Cover

Tapestry Furniture Cover

Replacing old or worn-out furniture can be quite expensive. So why not give it a new look by covering it with tapestry?

Tapestries will, for example, give a second life to your old sofa and make it appear as good as new. You won’t even need to buy a new tapestry; you can fashion your old one into covers and drapes to reupholster your furniture and introduce a unique visual experience into your home. A contemporary tapestry provides that modern and cozy look to your pieces.

  1. Decorative Pillows

Tapestry Decorative Pillows

Pillows are some of the most ubiquitous items in a home. They can enhance the appearance of your sofa, bed, and even floor. So instead of buying new pillows, you could convert some of your tapestries to make pillow covers.

If you love doing things yourself, then tapestry fabric offers an excellent opportunity to experiment by making pillows that will redefine the elegance of your home interior. You could combine different tapestry designs to develop an eclectic collection of pillows for your bedroom.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that tapestries are taking over the home decoration game. So don’t just confine yourself to the traditional way of using tapestries as wall hangings. Instead, please take advantage of their versatile nature to spruce up your living space and make it ooze color, energy, and taste.

Due to their expressive nature, you can use tapestries as decor pieces to communicate different themes and moods. With the right designs and colors, a tapestry can let you add positive energy to your rooms and make the ambiance warmer and more attractive. With a tapestry, your possibilities are endless.

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