Taylor, MI Furnace & Heater System Repairs: Learn How To Fix Your Furnace


HVAC Thermostat

Michigan is among the coldest of the states in the winter. The season is fast approaching, with everyone hoping for preparedness with their furnace and heating system serviced and ready to go. No one wants to be caught wearing their scarf and mittens with a chill running through them inside the house because the unit has shut down.

Ultimately, preventative measures with trusted furnace specialists in Taylor, Mi, plus consistent household maintenance will suffice in keeping the heater optimally operational. In a moment, however, when there is an unexpected malfunction, it is critical to have at least a functional understanding of the unit. In this way, you can troubleshoot what is happening, in case it’s a simple fix, or perhaps, help the service provider prepare for a speedy repair upon their arrival.

If homeowners become somewhat educated on the care and upkeep of their heating system, often there are common issues that affect each, causing the unit to either shut down or create warnings that there’s an issue arising.

With some troubleshooting, the problem could be a simple fix without needing a service call to the expert. So let us check out a few things that don’t require becoming involved in the system intricacies.

Learn Some Simple Repairs for Your Taylor MI Furnace & Heater System

When you notice signs in your Taylor, MI, home in the cold winter months that the heating system is not functioning as it should, most homeowners want to call the repair technician immediately for expert services. That can be exceptionally expensive and not always necessary if you take a few moments to troubleshoot for a few common issues that can typically create furnace issues in the home.

Remember, you do not want to get involved with the complexities of the system. That can lead to more damages and higher costs which no one wants to have to endure. But a few simple checks could save a considerable amount and save some time and effort for everyone. Go to https://www.familyhandyman.com/project/simple-furnace.fixes/. A few things you can look for:

Grungy Filters


If you notice that the heating system fires up but the heat coming out is not as forceful as is typical, the air filter is usually the reason. A dirty, clogged filter will result in inefficient performance since you will find plenty of debris, dirt, even hair trapped and restricting the airflow.

That can result in the heat exchanger overheating, keeping the furnace from optimal functionality. As a rule, filters need to change minimally every three months or as instructed by the manufacturer’s operations manual.

To get the system back to its peak performance, you can merely change the worn filter for a new option according to the manual instructions on reinsertion. Generally, you can find filters at most hardware or even discount shops.

The Thermostat


The thermostat acts as the “control center” for both the heating and cooling systems. In many situations, repair techs will answer service calls only to find this as the source of the issue, and often it is as simple as the switch set to “cool” instead of “heat.”

That might sound like something you would never do, but it is truly not that difficult to miss. However, the levers and the writing are sometimes challenging to see, even with glasses or contacts. If you have trouble, you might want to try using a magnifying glass or finding a way to highlight settings to designate the differences.

It is also essential to keep the temperature roughly five degrees above the temperature in the house. If you set it there and it does not come on, you might have dead batteries. This needs changing at least once every year.

The best way to know this is if the display is blank. Changing these out should get everything going again. If it is not the batteries, but you are still having problems, you will need to call and explain your efforts to the tech.

Check To Make Sure Everything Switches “On”

It might seem unusual to make that kind of indication, but sometimes if you have had repairs or perhaps an annual service call, the furnace might have been inadvertently left off. Each heating system has a regular power switch that you can find either on – or close to – the heater.

Another place that you will want to look is to make sure the circuit breaker did not trip. If so, you can switch it off and then back on to get things moving again. Otherwise, the blower motor panel covering might not be fastened securely. If you look closely, you can see there is a switch you can push. To turn the furnace on, this needs to be fully depressed.

Final Thought

Once troubleshooting these areas finds the furnace still poorly functioning or not operational at all, a trusted professional furnace repair technician will need to come and inspect the unit and make the necessary corrections.

Homeowners want to avoid diving any deeper into the intricacies of a heating system than these basic steps. These are complex, requiring knowledge, skills, and tools that an average person without the proper training could not provide without potentially creating more damage and adding significantly to the end cost.

Providing the clearest, most concise details relating to the problem and relaying troubleshooting that occurred will save the tech time, effort and perhaps cut a little of your expense if it helps the repair go faster.

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